Fortunately, maintenance took much less than expected.

All our systems are back and fully operational.
Automatic-delivery it's back and working with no issues. Buy now and get your boosts delivered within 30-seconds after your payment has been received.

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We are currently out of stock. We are working hard to restock asap, fulfill all pending orders and re-stock our automatic-delivery system. Thanks everyone for the patience ❤️ .
Thank you everyone for the waiting.

We have fulfilled all pending orders as of now.
*If you had a pending order that was not fulfilled, please open a ticket and give us your Order ID.
There are just two reasons of your order not being fulfilled:
- Fraudulent payment.
- Invalid Invite URL.
Please open a ticket and let us know with your Order ID and we'll take a look to your order.

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*New orders being delivered within 0-6 hours due to reviewing all the orders manually as we have been receiving fraudulent payments.
Dear users, our orders from the past 3 days haven't been delivered as of now, we'll fix every order as soon as possible. (ETA Is 24-hours) Reason: Out of stock

We have lost access of our actual discord server, we'll be making a new one soon.

Thanks everyone for the patience, we're trying to have all orders delivered && fixed within -24hrs.
Re-opening new support discord server within the next 12-hours
BoostSupply has re-opened the discord server for support. —
Tickets opening soon. (-2hrs)
Hey guys! Thanks for everyone's patience.

We are back open! 🔥

Our system is not being automated at this moment, but orders are being delivered within 0-8 hours, as we are manually-reviewing every-single order to avoid fraudulent payments.

General support it's back! ⭐️ - To create a ticket and get support 🔥

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We have some pending orders... We'll fulfill within max. 24-hours. Thank you. <3
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