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We share our unique crypto signals, knowledge and experience with the community. We trade and analyze our signals and you may follow this transparent proccess.

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#MATICUSDT #LONG Open 1900, SL 1784, TP 2864
Risk/Reward: 1/8.31
Leverage: 2x
#ZILUSDT #LONG Open 1067, SL 964, TP 1595
Risk/Reward: 1/5.13
Forget about money. Trading is a business that you need to love to be good at it.
It’s hard to rely on trading to make a living, although there are many traders who achieve that. You don’t have to take a trade every single day. Also, if you’re after a regular (and stable) income, well, then trading may be not the right career path for you.
If you had to pick from these two, which one would it be?
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VET (VeChain)
LINK (Chainlink)
SpaceX Crew Dragon ! Alts to the space also hopefully 🌕🚀
#AIONBTC #LONG Open 1091, SL 972, TP 1565
Risk/Reward: 1/3.98
#WTCBTC #LONG Open 374, SL 346, TP 587
Risk/Reward: 1/7.61
Great traders aren’t born or made overnight. It takes patience, discipline and consistency to master the art of trading.
What will cause more change in the world in the next 10 years:
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Losses are an integral part of any trader’s life. Losses are not the problem, it’s the ignorance of risk and money management and letting your losses get out of control that is.
How many different cryptocurrency exchanges are you registered to and why that many?
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Just one
2-5 different exchange
6-9 exchanges
10+ exchanges
Binance Will Delist ARN, FUEL and LUN on 2020/07/20
ARN -82%
Millions of people around the world are about to hear about Bitcoin again in the following few hours.

Today's hacks will be in every newspaper and media channel.
Cryptocurrency Exchange KuCoin Likely Hacked: Reports

A lot of Bitcoin left the exchange all at once. Now, crickets, as the exchange tells customers not to make deposits or withdrawals.
Forwarded from KuCoin News (Lucas Berg - KuCoin Admin - Not Support)
KuCoin Security Incident Update

We detected some large withdrawals since September 26, 2020 at 03:05:37 (UTC+8).

Please rest assured that if any user fund is affected by this incident, it will be covered completely by KuCoin and our insurance fund.