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This is where I post short inspirational affirmations, quotes, and links. Perfect for when you need a boost of positivity!
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Find a balance between the two ...
Whatever you're going through ... You got this! Keep going and don't give up!
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Even in times of darkness, something positive inside of you is seeking to emerge. Get quiet, listen, and discover what that is.
Happy Women’s Day!!!
The only thing that will stop your growth tomorrow are the seeds of doubt you plant today. What are you planting? What's the best use of your time today?
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Some Irish wisdom to brighten your day: Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck! :)
Cool. Another mini-milestone for the YouTube channel!
Take steps every day to move forward. Focus on progress, not perfection. And don't ever, EVER give up!