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The presale will close
2018-07-15 12:00:00 UTC
Yesterday we closed the Varyon public presale. We’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and to share with you the results of the presale!
New infographic illustrating the plan for the first and future seasteads. Created by our lead architect Bart Roeffen
🏝 We have created a media archive! As new articles come out we will issue factual responses to them on this page, so you’ll know what’s true and what’s fake news.
🏝 We are working hard to prepare for the Varyon main sale (start date TBA) and to be able to transfer Varyon (VAR) to those of you who purchased in the presale so you can hold them in your wallets and even trade them. We anticipate taking the smart contract live in five to six weeks. Additionally, we are in deep talks with two crypto-funds interested in large purchases, have continued work on the ground in French Polynesia to narrow down our options for a site, and have also opened high level discussions with two more countries, with more currently at an earlier stage. 🏝
🏝 Dear Blue Frontiers Community 🏝

We closed the Varyon presale on July 14 after raising around 3,100 ETH for the purchase of VAR. Many of you participated in the presale, we thank you for your support.

While we may still want to use Varyon in the future, the prolonged bear market and some delayed milestones have forced us to consider different options than we originally planned. We have made the decision to focus our efforts on those milestones at this time rather than launch a risky and time consuming ICO.

Our staff and volunteer team will continue to work on the numerous promising projects we have underway to make seasteading a reality. We are in talks with enthusiastic government officials in French Polynesia who continue to have confidence in the project and are helping us identify the best suited location for the first seastead. Over a dozen applicants to the Blue Frontiers Global Contest are moving into the next round, in which they will present the project to their local communities and governments. We have also begun development of seasteading-specific technologies to progress towards our ultimate goals of full and scalable autonomy and sustainability.

We will refund presale buyers and continue to distribute Varyon to all buyers and bounty participants as a free token. While we are no longer making any specific commitments, Varyon may remain an integral part of our ecosystem and the reserves held by Blue Frontiers may be sold or distributed at a later date. Tokens are easily transferable and can be used programmatically without gatekeepers, allowing for many exciting use cases, some of which the draft whitepaper explored.

In great anticipation of the first seasteads,
The Blue Frontiers Team