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Symbol snapshot will boost NEM`s Cryptocurrency XEM to new Heights

🔹@nem_hub launched in coalition with @DaoMaker
🔹Opt-in Date for NEMs 2.0 Blockchain stated
🔹XEM is +300% up since the march low
🔹Symbol Snapshot will boost XEM to new heights

🧟 Are you going to pass this opportunity? Is the Herd Instinct Zombing your Mind?
🎯@DeFiner, the FinTech StartUp, is set to conquer Financial Markets after Strong Holder Offering via @DAOMaker | BLOCKSTERN, the Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, and Web 3.0 magazine
PlotX Community Presale powered by DAO Maker, third SHO of the Year
The future is always uncertain because there is no way to know what will happen. However, using experience, careful observations, and calculations, predicting an outcome’s chances is possible. From time immemorial, the right prediction has always been sought after, be it the outcome of a sporting event, elections, and even finances. The modern prediction market is enormous. Today, large corporations such as Google use these markets to forecast strategically important events, such as product launches, startups, and technology traction.

PlotX is a decentralized platform that is all set to bring prediction markets to the rising DeFi phenomenon. It has teamed up with DAOMaker to be the next in line for their lucrative Strong Holder Offering.
With a size of $12b, lending protocols are DeFi’s prime usance, as reported by DeFi Pulse.

@evolutionfinance_ann, targets a 10x greater market than any other crypto lender - this makes it a potential Decacorn.

Evolution Finance is backed by @ferrum_network_announcements & @daomaker_ann.
Evolution Finance; Crypto Lending with Non-Inflationary Farming and Wrapped Coins

Evolution Finance delivers the previously missing gear for the booming crypto industry. It builds bridges and solves real problems by providing a locked liquidity protocol and a lending platform to yet untaped top 50 crypto assets in one stroke.
But before FOMO`ing and diving into this revolutionizing project, let’s have an intro to the existing crypto lending market. READ MORE
My Neighbor Alice: Virtual Islands on Blockchain - the decentralized game we`ve all been waiting for?

The first layer of My Neighbor Alice, holding the complete game infrastructure will be on the Chromia Blockchain.

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