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Wall Street regulator rejects VanEck’s bitcoin-backed ETF

US regulators on Friday rejected a high-profile attempt to list a bitcoin-based exchange traded fund on Wall Street, citing worries over the potential that fraud in the crypto market will reach regulated exchanges.

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In PM Modi's meet on crypto, concerns expressed over terror-financing, misleading youth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday chaired a meeting on cryptocurrency where the concerns over the virtual currency market, the way forward for India were discussed in a comprehensive way, reports said. The meeting comes after Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das cautioned investors about the digital currency. Attempts to mislead the youth through over-promising and non-transparent advertising have to be stopped, it was discussed in the meeting.

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Paradigm unveils new $2.5B crypto fund

Crypto investment firm Paradigm has revealed a new $2.5 billion”New Venture Fund” to expand its investment into cryptocurrency companies and protocols.

According to a Nov. 15 announcement, Paradigm co-founders Fred Ahrsam and Matt Huang stated that “the fund and its size are reflective of crypto being the most exciting frontier in technology.”

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RBI Governor bats for crypto ban, says it could cause serious financial instability

The Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das drew a line between the use of technology for enhancing businesses and the speculation in anonymous cryptos which could potentially destabilise the financial systems as the legislation for the most important financial sector innovation of the century enters the last phase.

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Binance CEO on bubbles, meme coins and crypto's swings

The CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, doesn't try to explain why some cryptocurrencies that started purely as a joke have surged so much in price.

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India might create obstacles to cryptocurrency trading and holding; ban may be rescinded

India plans to tighten regulation of cryptocurrencies to deter investors from holding them though the government is unlikely to follow through with an earlier plan to ban private digital coins, according to two sources familiar with the discussions.

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Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin outbid a group of crypto investors for copy of US constitution

Chicago hedge-fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin said he won a $43.2 million first-edition copy of the U.S. Constitution at a Sotheby’s auction on Thursday—and now he intends to lend it to a free Arkansas art museum.

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Cryptocurrency ‘no passing fad’: minister warns against Australia being left behind

Cryptocurrency is not a fad, financial services minister Jane Hume has said, arguing that government and industry should not fear the rise of decentralised finance.

Hume, speaking at an Australian Financial Review summit on Monday, said cryptocurrency was “not going away any time soon”, regardless of people’s views on it.

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Forwarded from Seascape Network Announcement (Official) (Logan K 🇮🇳 NO DMs!)
The first ever #Lighthouse auction pool for #Moonscape has ended!

50,000 + $CWS burned with an overall $600,000 + raised!

Thank you all for your participation.

If you couldn't participate, keep an eye on http://Seascape.House for the next one!
El Salvador plans to create a ‘Bitcoin City’ and raise $1 billion via a ‘Bitcoin Bond’

El Salvador plans to construct a "Bitcoin City" funded by the cryptocurrency, the country's President Nayib Bukele announced Saturday.
The city will be built near Conchagua volcano in south eastern El Salvador and will have no taxes except from value-added tax, which is a levy on goods and services at each step along the supply chain. Construction will begin in 2022.

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Adidas Originals announces partnership with Coinbase

Adidas Originals, a brand of the German sportswear clothing firm Adidas, has announced a partnership with the crypto exchange Coinbase.

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Estonia is Latest Country to Allow Citizens to Buy and Trade Crypto

Estonia is now the latest country to adopt Bitcoin as their largest bank, LHV, allows customers to buy and trade crypto. Starting from next week citizens will be able to trade major assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink on the LHV mobile app.

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Vitalik Buterin proposes calldata limit per block to lower ETH gas costs

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed a new limit on the total transaction calldata in a block to decrease the overall transaction calldata gas cost over the ETH network.

Buterin’s post on the Ethereum Magicians forum, EIP-4488, highlights concerns regarding high transaction fees on layer-one blockchains for rollups and the considerable amount of time to implement and deploy data sharding:

Hence, a short-term solution to further cut costs for rollups and to incentivize an ecosystem-wide transition to a rollup-centric Ethereum is desired.

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Forwarded from Seascape Network Announcement (Official) (Logan K 🇮🇳 NO DMs!)
Attention Seascape family!

As you know we're gearing up for our Moonscape TGE event!

Here are the full details with all the links that you would need.

The TGE event will be live tomorrow at 2PM UTC.

👉$0.0025 per MSCP launch price.

👉$MSCP will be on #BSC and #MOVR!

☀️Stake and Farm right on the #Lighthouse!

📌MSCP Moonriver address

📌MSCP BSC address




You can learn more about the TGE event on our Medium Article
Forwarded from Seascape Network Announcement (Official) (Logan K 🇮🇳 NO DMs!)
🚀🥾 To celebrate @MoonscapeGame & the upcoming #TGE, we're giving away 25K $MSCP to our community.

Take part by:
1. Tagging 3 #GameFi friends on this post.
2. Join the #Gleam campaign (link below).
3. Check daily for bonus quests!

Campaign Link :
Crypto Exchange Coinbase to Buy Unbound Security

One of the world’s largest digital exchanges, Coinbase announced the company’s plan to acquire cryptographic security firm Unbound Security yesterday. According to Coinbase, the acquisition will play an important role in the development of its product and security roadmap.

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Explaining Web3: From the blockchain and crypto to NFTs and the metaverse

Used by enthusiasts to describe the next phase of the internet, Web3 is characterized by internet services and mobile apps rebuilt on decentralized blockchain technology. It often includes a broad spectrum of emerging technology like cryptocurrency, DAOs and digital assets like NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Some enthusiasts also associate gaming, the metaverse and augmented and virtual reality with Web3 because some virtual worlds rely on blockchain-based digital assets.

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