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She loaded up on #RBLX lmao for @elliot
Contracts for #AAPL going for $4.00 already! flying
#AAPL contracts now $4.20!!! 12% gain already!!! 🤑🤑 Happy new year lol!
#AAPL contracts now $4.20!!! 12% gain already!!! 🤑🤑 Happy new year lol!
#AAPL now at $4.40! 17% gain and is officially worth $3 trillion dollars! Freaking bananas!
🚨#F Strike $22 CALL 06/17/2022 Entry: 2.25-2.30🚨 Lots of flow with this one longer term hold.
Ya'll seen this call lately from 2.25 to now 3.35 per contract for a modest 49% gain!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Merry Christmas with #F and happy New Year with #AAPL calls lol
If #BTC breaks the 42k support down it goes to 30k!
Feds dropped a bomb on the markets today with the report released!
Ouch! This means that whatever investment you got going on has to give you higher than 7% return if not you losing money
If you have debt like student loans or mortgages this helps you..
Daily chart for #SPY.. things could get ugly if this thing decides to confirm that head and shoulders
Economic data report
Also banks started to report earnings and most have been misses.. look at #JPM and #C in pre market
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