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This is a link to the official chat of the mixer.

Here you can receive answers to the questions about the service, it's functions and features.

You can also contact us via email
Please, do not send here your guarantee letters, transaction hashes and addresses or any other information compromising your anonymity.
Official representative of the service in the chat - @Blenderio_Official
We are on bitcointalk -

Our domains:

Attention! We never text you in the private messages first. If you were contacted on behalf of our support — those are scammers.
Pay attention that following accounts and websites were NOT created by us and are fraudulent:
@ blenderioBot
https://blender. pw
https://blenderiocpxfema .online
http://blender .ru
https://blender .work
https://blender .page
https://bledner .io
http://blendér .io/
@ Blenderio_Russian SUPPORT
@ Blenderio_English SUPPORT

We recommend to take next precautions to keep yourself from phishing sites when using clearnet address