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22,550 Bitcoin withdrawn from exchanges yesterday on aggregate.

This is the biggest net-outflow of the year.

Forwarded from Crypto Calendar News
The main fear in the morning is that the FBI learned how to hack BTC wallets and thus returned most of the funds that Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers as ransom. The FBI has not yet revealed its secrets, which makes everyone fearful, but most likely we are talking about blocking BTC on some of the exchanges 🤔

Statements from Trump and the FBI, as well as the rise in Bitcoin shorts did their job and the price broke through the lower border of the triangle. In fact, the fall is still quite rapid, and liquidations are at the level of $ 855 million, which is also not much. Stronger price movement was expected, perhaps that is not all 😬

The sale has not yet touched altcoins, they only repeat the decline for BTC, and do not fly into the abyss, as usually happens 😉

🔹 Top in 24 hours:
Theta Fuel - $ 0.5148 (↑ 13.06%)

Forwarded from Crypto Calendar News
​​ The bears' revel continues: crypto market capitalization minus $ 189 billion in 24 hours 🐻

🗓Tuesday news:🗓

📌 The story with the alleged FBI hacking of the bitcoin wallet turned out to be FUD, hackers lost their cryptocurrency due to their own negligence

📌 Forecast: The World Bank expects a record 5.6% growth in global GDP in 2021, which will be a record in the past 80 years 🤑

📌 Yesterday, a record amount of BTC was withdrawn from crypto exchanges since the beginning of this year - 22 550 BTC. How many will be taken out today? ..

📌 Check your smartphones: The FBI secretly created an encrypted messaging app, distributed it to criminals, and then detained 800 people at once

📌 Opinion: Billionaire Mark Lasri regrets buying too few bitcoins in 2018

📌 The volume of reverse repo by the US Federal Reserve reaches an all-time high of $ 486 billion

📌 Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs think long-gamble hedge funds have cooled to the first cryptocurrency 🙄

📌 Canadian authorities have accused the KuCoin crypto exchange of violating securities law


📉 S&P 500 - 4,229 (↑ 0.08%)
🌐 Bitcoin - $ 32,177 (↓ 10.15%)
🌕 Gold - $ 1,892 (↓ 0.37%)
⚫️ Oil Brent - $ 71.82 (↑ 0.58%)

How it started & How it’s going

Adjusted SOPR provides insight into the magnitude of profit or loss realised by the market on-chain.

Recently, aSOPR persisted below 1 as losses were realised.

Dip buyers also appear to be taking profits as aSOPR has just spiked above 1.

The Texas Department of Banking has given state-chartered banks the green light to custody crypto assets 👀

The largest renewable energy Bitcoin mining centre in the USA is being built in Texas.

• +1 gigawatt of solar powered energy
• 700 jobs
• Live by the end of 2021! 🚀

Quebec, Canada alone has enough 𝘂𝗻𝘂𝘀𝗲𝗱 hydroelectric clean power to operate the entire Bitcoin Network. 🌊♻️

Canada as a whole has 400 TWh of hydroelectric capacity.

Bitcoin runs on only 129 TWh.

$1 invested in BTC and GOLD over 11 years

Following El Salvador confirming Bitcoin is now legal tender, 1.521M $BTC returned to an unrealised profit during the price bounce.

This means that around 1.521M $BTC (~8% of supply) have an on-chain cost basis between $31.7k and $37.9k.

$288K still in play. It would really surprise me if #bitcoin  would not touch the black S2FX model line this phase. Regardless of current volatility, yellow green and blue dots will be (much) higher than red orange dots.

We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings protected.
- Christine Lagarde,
🤡 at European Central Bank 👎

Buy #Bitcoin

The much-anticipated @BinstarterOfficial whitelisting is now open! Fire

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Calendar $BSR IDO: June 30th

Slot machine Winners will be selected via lottery draw system

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The bitcoin  mempool is a good indicator of bubbles. The mempool is where pending transactions wait to be processed before being added to the blockchain. This week it has cleared out for the first time since Nov 2020 (pre-bubble).

There is about 461k #Bitcoin that belong to whale wallets in the current range (i.e. the price of acquisition of those 461k whale Bitcoins is between 33 and 40k).

The situation is different between 40 and 46k. Could be a quick run-up if we break through 40k.

A very large volume of coins were purchased in the early bull market, and have remained largely unspent

Bitcoin emits less than 2% of the world’s military-industrial complex carbon emissions.

#Bitcoin to stablecoin ratio oscillator

A perfect Buy The Dip hit rate since 2019, and looks like it just printed another buy signal 😏

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