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Miami Mayor: Tesla’s $1.5 Billion Buy is Just The Beginning for Bitcoin

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said there could be more mega crypto events to come following Tesla’s mammoth Bitcoin purchase.

In brief

▪️Miami Mayor Francis Suarez suggested there are more big events to come in the crypto world following Tesla's massive Bitcoin purchase.

▪️He said Tesla's Bitcoin investment is just the beginning for wider Bitcoin adoption.

By Scott Chipolina

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Elon Musk on Gold: "You Might as Well Have Crypto"

Bullion dealer Peter Schiff offered his two cents when Musk said crypto was “almost as bs as fiat money.”

In brief

▪️Bitcoin secured a market capitalization of $1 trillion this week.

▪️The bull run was catalyzed by a $1.5 investment by Tesla.

▪️Gold bugs like Peter Schiff remain skeptical.

By Tim Hakki

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​​🔥🔥 Round 2 of Yield Bank's Liquidity Episode 🔥🔥

📅 Start Date: 20th of February 2021, 10:30pm EST

End Date: 6th of March 2021, 10:30pm EST

Yield Bank is an all-in-one DeFi platform will a simple to grasp UI/UX & two deflationary tokens with unique price action mechanics designed to resist sell pressure and stop price dumps.

yB is Yield Bank's flagship token of extremely scarce supply & it's required to own a minimum $25 worth of yB to access the platform after the Liquidity Episode, whereas yCASH is Yield Bank's rewards token and will see great passive income generated off of its LP tokens.

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💸 yB Listing Price: $75 USD

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💧 Provision of liquidity is unlimited for both yB & yCASH 💧
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Yield Bank's Dev team is Winjit Technologies Inc., a global development powerhouse specializing in Blockchain, FinTech, Machine Learning & IoT

Buy Tokens & Provide Liquidity at

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Two Whales Just Withdrew a Billion Dollars From Coinbase

Was it Michael Saylor? The MicroStrategy CEO did say he planned to buy a further $1.05 billion in BTC, after all... Ah, just a guess; who knows what lies beneath crypto's waters?

In brief

▪️Over one billion dollars has left Coinbase in the past day.

▪️Comparable amounts of crypto have been leaving wallets recently.

▪️The transaction comes amidst a momentous week for Bitcoin, which hit a new ATH of $57,808.

By Tim Hakki

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Bitcoin is Now More Expensive Than a Kilogram of Gold

At its high today of $57,705, a single Bitcoin smashed past the price of a kilo bar of gold.

In brief

▪️A single Bitcoin is now worth more than a bar of gold.

▪️This is a watershed moment in the debate about BTC as a store of value.

▪️The price of gold is not likely to move any time soon. Bitcoin, however...

By Tim Hakki

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Inside the Fight Against India’s Proposed Crypto Ban

As the Indian government’s crypto ban draft bill looms large, Indian crypto businesses are coordinating efforts to convince the government that regulation is the better approach.

In brief

▪️The Indian government proposed a draft bill last month to ban all “private cryptocurrencies”.

▪️Indian crypto entrepreneurs and CEOs have formed associations to lobby the government for a regulatory framework.

▪️The government’s concerned about crypto as a rival everyday currency, but not as a store of value.

By Ekin Genç

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⭕️ @BitcoinBreaking ⭕️

📡Content is free and only reflect daily CryptoNews.📡

💡 News, Updates and Fundamentals about CryptoCurrenices & Bitcoin Technology. 💡

Contact for Advertising - @BTCBreakingAdmin

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Bitcoin Price Falls $10,000 in Largest Daily Drop in History

Bitcoin’s price fell as low as $47,700 before rebounding above the $50,000 mark.

In brief

▪️Bitcoin witnessed its largest price drop in a single day today.

▪️Since then, its price has recovered back above $50,000.

By Scott Chipolina

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Crypto Company Ripple Registers Entity in Wyoming

Ripple, the company that focuses on the XRP token, has registered a new business entity in the state of Wyoming.

In brief

▪️Ripple has registered a new entity in Wyoming.

▪️The move comes amid Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC.

▪️Last year, Wyoming gave green light to Kraken and Avanti to launch “crypto banks.”

By Andrew Asmako

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Cape Cod's Biggest Hospital Received an $800,000 Bitcoin Donation

Following a benefactor's advice, the Massachusetts-based NPO opened an account capable of receiving crypto funds.

In brief

▪️Cape Cod's leading medical centre now accepts crypto.

▪️They opened a new crypto-ready account at the request of a longstanding benefactor.

▪️Crypto gifts could soon be widely accepted by all sorts of institutions reliant on public donations.

By Tim Hakki

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Lindsay Lohan is Selling a Daft Punk NFT for $15K in Ethereum

The robots are no more, and Lindsay Lohan is cashing in.

In brief

▪️Noted crypto fan Lindsay Lohan is selling a Daft Punk-themed NFT for over $15,000.

▪️Someone put the NFTs on Rarible yesterday...

▪️...which is weird, because Daft Punk broke up this morning

By Will Gottsegen

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DeFi Needs 'Freedom to Experiment', Says SEC's Hester Peirce

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce said DeFi will test the SEC’s mandate to protect investors and markets over incumbents.

In brief

▪️SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce spoke about DeFi at George Washington University.

▪️Pierce believes DeFi’s promise of democratization and open access are "alluring."

▪️And Crypto Mom wants regulators like the SEC to not get in the way.

By Alexander Behrens

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Bitcoin Retreats From $1 Trillion As Market Sees $300 Billion Sell Off

Market forces drove down Bitcoin and the wider crypto market yesterday as warning signs from the US economy worry investors.

In brief

▪️Crypto markets took a bath yesterday losing billions in value.

▪️Tech stocks also saw sizeable losses.

▪️Rises in bond yields have some investors worried markets are becoming overheated.

By Matt Hussey

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Square Buys Another $170 Million in Bitcoin

Square has loaded up on more Bitcoin for its balance sheet, the company announced. And its Bitcoin revenue from Cash App trading rose 9x in 2020.

In brief

▪️In its Q4 earnings statement, Square revealed it has bought even more Bitcoin.

▪️Its October purchase plus its latest buy amount to 5% of its total cash.

▪️Square reported $1.76 billion in revenue from Bitcoin trading in Q4.

By Jeff Benson

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