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Failure to control the narrative allowed hostile forces to size the #Bitcoin protocol. To this day, BTC maximalists continue to set the narrative about #BitcoinCash and that must change.
#BitcoinCash ‘Ideal Money’. Townsville is punching above its weight when it comes to adoption of #BCH, probably the highest merchant adoption per capita in the world!
Update on the project which aims to reclaim the #1 YouTube ranking for 'Bitcoin Cash'
There is clearly high demand right now for a guide to split your #BCH & #XEC with Electrum. I'd like to make a video, but I'm busy with the Flipstarter project. Kain_niaK has created a detailed guide that I recommend to anyone wanting to split their coins.
Pleased to see that @LocalCryptosEN are now facilitating peer-to-peer #BCH trading on their platform. This is bullish for #BitcoinCash adoption!

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