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Trading plays with monster gains. Beyond Edge brings you the technical lowdown and fundamental breakdowns of crypto assets with high growth potential. Our contribution to the ecosystem to help adoption. Let’s BUIDL!

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LRC/USD 65.7% play complete. Longer term target still in play. $LRC πŸ’₯
Beyond Edge
ZIL/USD 42.5% play. $ZIL
ZIL/USD 42.5% play complete. $ZIL πŸ’₯
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LUNA/USD 67.4% play. $LUNA
Beyond Edge
DOT/USD 33.5% play. $DOT
DOT/USD 33.5% play complete. $DOT πŸ’₯
REEF/USD 60.7% play. $REEF
Beyond Edge
ONE/USD 52.0% play. $ONE
ONE/USD 52.0% play complete. $ONE πŸ’₯
Beyond Edge
LINK/USD 25.9% play. $LINK
LINK/USD 25.9% play complete. $LINK πŸ’₯
Beyond Edge
ALGO/USD 65.1% play. #ALGO
ALGO/USD 65.1% play complete. $ALGO πŸ’₯
AVAX/USD 57.2% play. $AVAX
CHZ/USD 54.4% play. $CHZ
GRT/USD 71.0% play. $GRT
SOL/USD 67.0% play. $SOL
ZIL/USD 53.8% play. $ZIL
ALGO/USD 57.3% play. $ALGO
ATOM/USD 61.1% play. $ATOM
DOT/USD 55.3% play. $DOT