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X-Block is the first global public chain built on the Fog computing framework, which aims at creating a user-friendly, convenient and open light Eco-Blockchain.


Dear friends,

We are very grateful to everyone who participates in PixelNet Beta testing.Your feedback and active participation helps us build the payment system of the future!

No fees

CoinBundle doesn’t charge any platform or service fees, giving you the highest returns on your investments.

Only approved cryptos

Our team of experts constantly analyzes individual projects and saves you time by vetting the coins for you.

One click

You can invest in dozens of cryptocurrencies with a single click and instantly build your portfolios.


We store your funds securely with a leading qualified custodian. Funds are insured and protected with best in class infrastructure.

Investing has never been so simple

CoinBundle is built to match the needs of investors at all levels of expertise.

The simplest and most user friendly interface in the industry

A variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards and individual cryptocurrencies

Free and secure custody of funds in partnership with Kingdom Trust

A range of investment options to choose from according to personal preferences


November is a miracle month for EOSJacks Team, we had our ups and downs, but for the most of all, we now owns a great community that helps us improve day by day.

We are grateful for all our supporters and players, for being with us no only at our highs, but at our lows.

We are grateful. And I, Ben, DO mean it.

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Revenue Model

Followine is based on an inclusive B2B business model that involves consumers, making them an active part of the process and guaranteeing them benefits both in the short and in the medium and long term. Unlike many blockchain projects, we at Followine did not limit ourselves to writing a business plan, but we analyzed the conditions that guarantee sustainability in the short and long term and the revenues from the sale of the services we offer. Wine producers will incur an expense to take advantage of our anti-counterfeiting service, being able to choose to pay, alternatively:

*for each code provided by Followine, regardless of the number of scans performed;

* for each scan of the code carried out by a consumer in a univocal way, so that more scans means more revenues for Followine (not having to bear the initial cost in this case, which is a valid incentive for all producers, who are encouraged by the possibility of spreading out their spending). This scenario is very similar to what happens with Google Ads, transposed into the tangible world.

In addition, upselling services are available for both wine producers and other commercial partners, which will have a positive influence on Followine's financial statements: we think of our reports on the wine market which, thanks to the data collected by our users, will be the most complete on the market, as well as all the marketing-related services that may derive from it.

Recall that as well as the entire ecosystem even the revenue model will be subject to many more or less short-term improvements. Just to name a few: since 2019 it will be possible to pay Followine's services and products in Wine Coin, through the B2B platform and, starting from 2020, the anti-counterfeiting service will also be available through Wine Coin, in order to make our offer always more palatable even for small businesses.

@bcb_atm's founder and CEO explained the current situation & vision for #Bitcoinatms in the coming years of #Bitcoin to @ProfFaustus. #Bitcoinsv is simply better for #Business & users. Bigger blocks, no more clusters, faster, cheaper transactions #bsv #CoinGeekWeek #CGWeek

China implementing new e-Commerce Law in 1 January 2019. Take note to those doing business using e-commerce in China, especially when it comes to fake goods (breach of Intellectual Property)

#commerciallawyer #ecommerce #china

As #ProjectDELTA's Second Round of Sales progresses, there have been some changes in #DELA's value and bonuses. You can check more details on our Medium Article:

Transitioning from Traditional Markets to #Cryptocurrencies

BetInReal is an online casino, based on VR/AR and blockchain technologies. This first-in-the-world solution is made by combining gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. 

BetInReal was founded by top talents from gambling, gaming, cryptocurrency and technology fields. We took advantage of different technologies to to make casino games social, interactive, immersive, reliable and fair.Download the BetinReal AR app, scan the surface of the floor and virtually build a whole casino or your favorite slot machine anywhere, anytime.


Your Airdrop and Bounty platform

Collect tokens from the best ICOs

About Us…

Most of the startups still experience serious problems while looking for funding. Meanwhile, tech startups raised over $6.3 B through ICOs. We want to make this innovative source of funding available to everyone, particularly in the emerging-market countries across the world. In fact, our platform can be used as a bridge to allow youth entrepreneurship in the developing economies to gain access to international investment capital market. Moreover, thanks to our CaaS (Cross-chain as a Service), Bounty and Airdrop ecosystem, startups can gain access to a worldwide workforce without any actual cash flow. In fact, those freelancers will be paid with tokens that will have a value after the successful ICO launch. In others words, we allow startups to raise money through an ICO and to delay expenses thanks to the CaaS. This will help them to reach the speed where they can shift into the next gear.

Airdrop platform

raise awareness around your startupAs a business owner, reward users for being engaged in both your community and on social media.As an enthusiast, get multiple tokens from the projects that matter to you.

Bounty platform

show your skills and get stuff doneGet rewarded by accomplishing tasks in projects that matter to you. Join the team, and live the startup adventure with the founders.

Simply manage token payments
Notifications and reminders for bounties
Tools to make it BIG !

How it Works

Create your account
Choose a project
Complete the tasks
Get your rewards

Bounty types

BitcoinTalk signature
Promote an ICO with a custom signature a BitcoinTalk profile.

Social media campaign (Airdrop)
Increase word of mouth effect about an ICO by making it a major topic of discussion on social media.

Make an ICO go global and reach large audiences by translating content in targeted languages.

Video making
Create an explainer, ad or marketing video to illustrate your product and ICO.

Article writing
Write meaningful articles and blogposts to increase an ICO's visibility on the market.

Bug bounty
Identity and report bugs and UX problems when using an ICO's product.

PRE- SALE BONUS 30%, New Dapp Fintech Tokens for unlimited rewards, Dapp Functions ( Payment processor credit card, Transfermoney instant (fiat), Debit card unlimited and free, Real state plataform 


Beware: Is your supplier selling your rejected products on the grey market? Discover how you can prevent unauthorized sales here: 

#greymarket #counterfeit #ecommerce

We have released Sadari PvP test version, please find detailed game intro here:

In this game, you will only lose the same as the amount you can lose. For example, if A bets 100 eos, B bets 10 eos, B wins, A will only pay 10 eos to B and get 90 eos...