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Hello friends! The whole Internet is full of delicious offers and promotions. We have also prepared a great news for you! 😉

The first stage of the bounty program has been completed! We have got the first 100 users of our service, who are going to receive 1 token equivalent to one month of free access to the full version of the service (information is available in the profile/wallet menu).

Full functionality will be available in trial mode in the next two weeks.

🎁 If you replenish your balance to pay for the service now, you will receive an extra 50% bonus of the amount you deposit. Hurry up to take advantage of this offer until 06.12.18. 🎉
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How to save money during a market decline? 🤔

For you not to lose money during a market decline, we’ve added a function of locking in the portfolio in:

💰 USDT (Tether). Its value is equal to the dollar, and the dollar is the most stable currency.
💰 BTC (Bitcoin). If you do not take the stablecoins into account, then Bitcoin is the most stable currency. For instance, after the February drop on the market, Altcoins have been losing their value, while Bitcoin remains at 6350 today.

👣 There are two steps you can take to maintain and increase your balance in our service:

1) push the Fix button, and all your coins are converted into the USDT stablecoin.
2) The Unfix button allows you to distribute the portfolio the way it was.

🦊 There is a little trick: if you push the fix button before a decline occurs and unfix after it, then the total number of newly purchased coins will increase.

Test the Fix button function in our service — @binance_tools_bot 👈
The service is to be updated soon.

We are updating the core of the program, adding new features and fixing some errors that you mentioned in our support channel @Benice_supp

Four features have been updated:
Fix - this feature is more accurate now, you can lock in your portfolio in any coin;
Balances - this feature has a new design for notifications and lets you display your balance in usd/btc/assets;
Stats - portfolio statistics, visualized in an informative way;
Master trade is a new premium feature that allows you to follow the trading strategy of a trader.

Now you can:
- disable/enable order notifications;
- choose a color theme (dark, light);
- check the status of the internal account and premium features subscription;
- The user interface of the personal assistant has become more graphic and bright.

Open the assistant: @benice_tools_bot
​​An official update of the service.
Meet the “adjutant” version of Benice!

Dear friends, we are happy to introduce you a new version of our Telegram assistant.
Launch the assistant

We would like to thank our beta testers in the first place. Based on your feedback, we understood how to rework the old features, and how to implement completely new ones. We appreciate your support, and we promise to grant each tester with an individual bonus!

So, now the assistant has a premium section. It includes such features as “mirror trading” and “became trading”. These are features that will help you more effectively manage your portfolio, or delegate full control over it to a professional. By the way, you can become a professional trader, and make your portfolio public so that other users can subscribe to it.

You can find a detailed description of the features below.

What has been improved:

• The choice of color theme - you can choose between a light and a dark design;
• Fix - you can freeze in any currency - just choose the abbreviated name of a coin. You can also lock in only a certain part of your portfolio (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%);
• Balances - you can check the balance in usd/btc/assets, without leaving the messenger, and without verifying your identity on the exchange;
• Stats - you can see the dynamics of your portfolio in a visual, user-friendly and informative form;
• Response speed and image rendering speed have been increased;
• Notifications - now you can enable/disable notifications on different types of trading operations;
• Now you don't have to activate “Enable trading” in the exchange API-keys settings to have access to the Balances and Stats features.
//We would like to remind you that the “Enable Withdraw” feature in the API keys settings should be disabled. Keep your funds safe from an unauthorized withdrawal!

Premium features:

• Master trade is a premium feature that provides access to trading strategies. Choose your favorite strategy and your portfolio will automatically copy the trading operations of a professional trader;
• Become trader is a feature that makes your portfolio public, so that other users can subscribe to your strategy. After they subscribe, the same orders on the exchange will be applied to their portfolios;

What our plans are? You can see them below:

To add support for other exchanges;
To reduce long chains of trading operations to “one-click operations”;
To develop a web-based application for the service;
To do many other secret jobs...

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and to give some gifts!
Everyone who registers for the service before January 8 will get 7-day access to the premium version (a).
To activate your gift, follow the link:
​​Hello, friends! Get DEMO access to experience what is possible with our telegram assistant. 

How can you do this?

Just click the link @benice_tools_bot 
Check up your balance, statistics, and other features in demo mode. 

Get acquainted with the new service in a simple and quick way without introducing your API keys. 

You can also activate the paid version, which gives you access to trading strategies. Choose your favorite strategy and your portfolio will automatically follow the trading transactions of a professional trader.
​​How I played console games for the first time in my life.🕹

Will I surprise you by saying that being 30 years old I had never played console games before the last weekend?🙃

Our boss decided to get together with our entire team and to organize an e-competition. I didn't want to go, and my tooth began to ache.

It's not that I didn't know how to play, but other team members were guys who were excellent video game players.But it was too late to draw back, they'd added me to the list of players.

Our trader Igor and I were the first on the list. So, we got it started. We played FIFA football in the first round. I can't say that I am not a football fan, I often watch the World Cup, but playing is a different story. They gave me a joystick and off we went. The minutes lasted forever. Smiling sweetly, I was pressing all the buttons without distinction. Igor was trying to let me win as hard as he could but still, he was the first to score.

The next round was a darts competition, we recovered our breath throwing darts with delight. Of course, the strongest team members came to the finals, they were a marketer and a trader. Congratulations to our winners!
Thanks for new emotions and for bringing me back to childhood.
And we ate a delicious pizza at the end...😉

How do you spend your corporate leisure time?

#prefix #computergames #teambuilding #funtime #team #saturdayrush#officeparty #adultgames #dependent #adultslikechildren #cybersport
​​A long time nothing has been written about the @benice_tools_bot, and during this time there have been many changes.

Chinese and Russian languages were added to the interface of the assistant. Language selection appears in the start menu.

Learn more about new features:
1. Advanced FIX.

Now, this function is called "Manage", and allows you to fix individual coins from the portfolio, and not the entire cutlet, as it was in the previous version. 
Coins are fixed as a percentage of the volume, ie choose coins that have grown more and fix them with a profit of 50%, and the balance continues to hold.

2. Detailed public portfolios.

The pie chart has been added to the display on the trading card. Now you can see what coin is trading trader, this is useful for the assessment of the portfolio to which you want to subscribe.
The description of the portfolio remained unchanged.

3. New template “Balances".

Now the image is rendered pie chart, which clearly shows the percentage distribution of coins.
The balance is viewed in BTC or USD. Important if in the portfolio are coins with a small amount, then appear in the “Others”. To return back the main coin display click “Primary”.

4. Tariffs.

Added two tariff plans, "Starter” and "Basic". 
"Starter" includes the statistics of the portfolio and the public portfolio cloning, without following. 
"Basic" includes full access to the assistant.

"Balances" will remain free forever.
​​Russian channel.

Hello dear! If you don't understand, we are from Russia and we have a channel in Russian.
Join us if your native language is Russian
Detailed view of balance

With our bot you do not need to spend time on entering your name and password, captcha, and authorization via sms. It is much easier to open a bot in Telegram, press the “Portfolio” button, and get the balance image. 

There you will see the portfolio tokens distributed in a pie chart. The line of each token shows its value, how much it grew or fell over the last day, its amount in the portfolio, and how much it all costs in USD.
If you want to see the same information, but the equivalent in BTC, then there is a switch under the balance image.

Also there is a button “Additional”. It displays tokens, which are less than 1% in the portfolio, the so-called “cryptocurrency dust“. 
On the exchange, it is hidden by a tick “Hide” in the balance menu, and removes the tokens, which you can not make transactions because of their small volume.

Balance check is a free feature and we recommend trying it out in action.
Be warned in advance, it is possible to get hooked :)

Check your balance here: @benice_tools_bot
​​Security, our everything

We attach the utmost importance to data protection and safety.
If you connect to the service, your account will be safe thanks to Binance and the fact that the keys inside your system become "encrypted".

If you provide API keys only with the permission “trade”, this will allow you to connect automatic trading, but will not allow withdrawing funds through a bot to another wallet. You can delete API keys from our database at any time. This button is located in the Settings -> Other -> Delete keys.

Closing the "withdrawal" guarantees the complete safety of your funds at any time.
We never access your account or your funds and cannot, even if you wish.

In short: your funds belong to you and remain yours, and after free use you decide whether you want to continue using the bot or not!
​​​​Excluding assets from auto-copy orders

Welcome, friends!
Did you know that @benice_tools_bot you can eliminate the right amount of any asset from the portfolio, what would this part of the portfolio did not participate in avto-copy? 

At the request of users from support, we have made such a feature. 
It is located in Settings > Exclude assets

This feature is useful if you need to freeze some assets, or if you do not want to connect the entire portfolio to auto-copy.

Any questions can always be asked in the support channel.
​​​​Color theme selection

Good afternoon, dear subscribers!
We hope you have already used the bot and know that we have a choice of color theme notifications balance and statistics. 
If you did not know, here is the path from the main menu "Settings > Color scheme"

The default theme is white, but for sophisticated users we have created a dark theme.

Which topic do you like best?
​​​​How we store your keys

Welcome friends!
We don't hide secrets, and today we're going to show you how we store your API keys.

Earlier already wrote that keys get to us on the server in the encrypted form. For decoding you need a key decoder, which is a secure server hidden behind Telegram.
Therefore, even in case of hacking our database, API keys are completely safe. The attacker will not be able to use the stolen information.

Everything is simple and reliable, connect!
​​​​Benice - trader's trading automation service.

The development team and the functionality of the service itself does not promise any profit or income for end customers. 
The service provides a convenient and simple portfolio management functionality. 
Profit is promised by traders — partners of the service. Each client is free to choose his favorite trader and change it at any time.

Become a service partner.
​​​​Why Binance?

Since the first days of release Binance be in the top 5 exchanges, with a large number of markets. The exchange has a simple interface. 
A small number of functions turned out well, and attracted a large number of users far from trading. API's exchange as concise as ”interface".

Binance also introduced "margin trading". Soon it will bring the exchange to the top 1 in terms of trading volume for the month.
We chose the exchange for cooperation “for growth". With an understanding of the future growth of both teams.

The Benice team has also developed a Telegram test application for the decentralized exchange Binance DEX, which we will present to the public when Binance gives approval!
​​​​The credibility of the team

In modern conditions, the main criterion of trust in the team can only be its openness and responsiveness. Since the “coolness of the network”, “public opinion”, “readability of materials” can be bought.

In the [About us] section of the Benice team's website, you can see the team's faces, their personal Telegram accounts and some social media. toils. Each person can be contacted even by video link.
​​​​Why we chose Telegram

1. Security for the user.
If you look at the articles about secure messengers, you will see that has developed in 2015 and has not changed yet:

- «Signal» in the first place. He is the scandal created by the Edward Snowden;
- In second place is always present «Telegram». Interest in which is fueled by the personality of Pavel Durov.

The alarm is not popular, therefore, according to the criterion "safety" of the selected Telegram.

2. Perspectivity.
Many have already heard about Pavel Durov's project-Telegram Open Network or simply TON.

TON is a block platform protected by a built-in proxy and anonymizer, built on the principle of an overlay P2P network that has messaging services, payment transactions in the gram cryptocurrency, data storage and an operating system for distributed applications.

"Publication" of this project promises Telegram to increase the number of users tenfold.

And the «» team is always fighting for technology and innovation!
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