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​​Masternode as an alternative tool for every crypto investor

Cryptocurrency is traditionally a high-risk, volatile market, with frequently-changing trends. This creates a high emotional threshold for entry into the market for investors in the classic sense of the word.But some years ago, another way of reliably securing the network emerged from PoS mining — creation of masternodes. Apart from solving its main task, this mechanism has been a tool for generating solid income for investors.
Two months ago we started our project. We have experienced a lot together already and more interesting things lie ahead. Stay with us.

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​​Cryptocurrencies in the real economy

Many officials and representatives of large and international business look down on cryptocurrencies — supposedly digital assets will never achieve comparable capitalization with the securities market. Many of the skeptics are even convinced that cryptocurrencies are created exclusively for the needs of the shadow economy.
Good news for those who are looking for a quick way to exchange BNODE for fiat and fiat for BNODE. Now you can do it in the Cronex cryptocurrency exchanger. Wellcome 👐
  #beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
68% of coins are frozen in Masternodes. This is the best proof that our project has become attractive for investors. A lot of Masternodes provide reliability for miners/traders and keep the stability of our blockchain network. Good start guys 🚀

#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
Wallpaper for Beenode from our telegrams user @CSDesigner

#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
For those who did not know, we made a special bot in our Discord, which shows the statistics on the blockchain and the current price.
You can test it by link
#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
As of today 100,000 coin of BEENODE has been produced. The project is growing, gaining momentum, and attracting more and more honey lovers. We create our own history with you.

#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
BeeGroup posted BeeNode coins on the Catex exchange today.

#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
Due to the unique HoneyComb algorithm, any user can join the mining in the BeeNode blockchain.
Welcome to our telegram chat:

#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
​​Cryprocurrencies and Cosmopolitanism

No phenomenon that is actively spreading around the world and causing public outcry can exist without any ideological background. It is very appropriate in this context to compare cryptocurrencies and technology of distributed registers with rock music of the last century.
📊 Follow BeeNode statistics 🐝

Outstanding 112.906 BNODE ↑
Total Wallets 4449 ↑
Master Nodes 76 ↓ (67% of total coins)
Difficulty 3525 ↑
Beenode Price 0.00008028 BTC ↓
Trading Volume 0.16765660 BTC ↓
Market Capitalization 96,628 $ ↓
BeeNode was launched without premine. First 100 blocks were «empty».Thus, the same starting conditions are initially provided for all participants, with no special advantages for project developers.

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#beenode #BNODE #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
The Beenode coin (#BNODE) ​​was listed on today according to our roadmap.

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#beenode #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
📊 Follow BeeNode statistics 🐝

Outstanding 116.202 BNODE ↑
Total Wallets 5044 ↑
Master Nodes 81 ↑ (69% of total coins)
Difficulty 2475 ↓
Beenode Price 0.00011538 BTC ↑
Trading Volume 0,01605586 BTC ↓
Market Capitalization 126,661 $ ↑
​​BeeNode Path: what happened in 4 months

The BeeNode coin was launched in April 2019. Over the 4 months that it has existed, the coin has been able to make headlines and surprise everyone with its sharp price jumps. What is the reason for this? — Let’s figure it out together!
From the first days of launch, the BeeNode project shows a consistently high network hashrate. This indicates a general positive attitude.
#beenode #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency
Supernode Killer - Meet the long-awaited Beenode wallet update. Download now 👉

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#beenode #coin #honeycomb #cryptocurrency