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The burden of the word of the LORD in the land of Hadrach [Iran], and Damascus shall be the rest [of God's wrath] thereof:" (Zech 9:1)

New Iranian and Hizballah bases south of Damascus. Iran’s 3 spy agencies split by quarrel - DEBKAfile
Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends, God Bless.

Peter Salemi
Dear Friends,
Before the Pandemic the work of God was on its way to reaching new heights in its delivering of the Gospel to the world. We had a new office, stacked with equipment for live streaming and videos and T.V.’s for tracking the news all over the world. We were turning it into a media hub for the church of God.
Then the pandemic hit, and understandably so, our revenue nosedived due to government actions shutting down virtually everything. We lost the office and everything associated with the office and I began to do the work at home once again.  
Now the pandemic has been over for quite a while, however we have not recovered from the loss. Instead tithes and donations have waned, and it just seems to be getting worse as time goes on. I prayed and prayed to God for an answer and the silence from God made me realize that God is saying “Wherefore criest thou unto me?” (Ex 14:15) I realized that God has already given his people the tools to be financially successful-the problem is God’s people are not implementing what God has established.
I have said in my videos about tithing that people today won’t hesitate for a second to purchase a ticket to see their favorite teams, actors or singers. This is accepted in our society today. However, the mind set when it comes to giving to the church is “all they want is your money.” Or “supporting the church is the last thing on the priority list.” I can understand this to a certain point, due to some religious leaders taking advantage of their congregation’s. But a few bad apples should not spoil it for the rest.
It’s interesting how people criticize other groups like Jehovah’s witnesses or the Mormons. Yes they do have their faults; however they have a few things that I believe the churches of God do not-dedication, devotion, loyalty and zeal. Those organizations lack nothing! Their membership is dedicated to what they are doing!
I often said that we have over 400 people on the email list. If everyone on that list dedicated just 10 dollars a month that is 4000 a month. We can do a lot with that. 20 dollars-8000 a month. We could regain what we had before the pandemic; and that is with just 10 or 20 dollars. But it boils down to God’s people-their loyalty, devotion and dedication to the work. I have always said that it is always your choice for any commandment including the tithing commandment.  
So due to the circumstances I am going to suspend my services to the work. The website will still run and everything will still be up and running until we recover from this financially. I will maybe post an article from time to time but I need to work on my own personal finances from this time forward for me and my family. I feel like God is telling me what he told Ezekiel that he would make my “tongue cleave to the roof of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dumb” (3:26) until God’s people respond so the work can go forward. I am just finishing up one last article that I will post soon I am just proof reading it now; I will send another email when its ready and that will be my last one for a while unless we recover.
If any of God’s people can dedicate themselves to a monthly tithe of 10, 20, or whatever a month to help with the work you can do it through the link provided and you will get full access to all the literature on the site. If you dedicate 10 dollars or more a month I will move your email to the tithe payers email list and get full access to all the literature.
Also please subscribe to our YouTube channel if we can get to 1000 subs YouTube will start to monetize our channel and we can fund the work through this as well. Subscribe here:
Thank you for understanding and God Bless you all
Sincerely Peter Salemi BICOG
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