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Okay we are ready to go!! Showtime Saturday on Mercatox!!
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Here we are everyone Happy Hodling.
CMC just 1 step away now.
Hello All, just a brief update on all things BHIG. We have all noticed the way BHIG has hit the market running. Why? BHIG likes to keep quiet and get things done before shouting. BHIG has always planned to have an Exchange, decentralised but with a few features that we feel are revolutionary and will frankly, blow the other exchanges out of the water. Obviously we cannot divulge these things till they are developed, tried and tested. We will release that when we are ready. We are also in negotiations with numerous ICO's to use our reward program as theirs', this cannot be done at the moment due to the timing of BHIG's current rewards but it will definitely happen in the future. Many people now know of BHIG's ambitions and what we shall soon be delivering. Word gets around. Add that to the obstinance of our holders and BHIG's generous reward policy. These are the reasons for BHIG's price right now. In the immediate future as you can see above, Stex, BHIG/ETH will be available very soon. CoinMarketCap listing will be achieved very soon too. BHIG will continue to do things our way though. There will be no BHIG mousepads, T-shirts or coffee cups. No huge advertising campaigns. We sincerely believe that providing success and security is all the advertising we shall ever need. I hope to have suitably informed you all. Knd Regards, Don Carr.
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