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How Central Banking increased Inequality

This post is highly relevant in regard to current money printing activities & the creation of new cryptocurrencies:

"The first ones to receive the newly created money see their incomes rise, whereas the last ones to receive the newly created money see their purchasing power decline."

"The rise in income inequality over the past 30 years has to a significant extent been the product of monetary policies fueling a series of asset price bubbles. Whenever the market booms, the share of income going to those at the very top increases. When the boom goes bust, that share drops somewhat, but then it comes roaring back even higher with the next asset bubble."
State of Crypto & Crypto theses for 2021

Ryan Selkis, founder and CEO of the well-known blockchain research & analytics platform Messari, shared an extensive report on the state of crypto and crypto theses for 2021. This covers lots of areas in crypto and is very digestible. We've been looking forward to it for a while and will share comments and our very own theses in the coming weeks.

Make sure to check it out and build your own theses!
Bitcoin Magazine's 21 days of data

Yesterday, Bitcoin Magazine started showcasing different data-related projects built by the Bitcoin community. Until Genesis Day (1st January), Bitcoin Magazine will highlight 1 or more projects each day.

1⃣ Mempool Space - an open-source mempool visualizer and blockchain explorer for Bitcoin which goes deeper than the "usual on-chain blockchain explorer".
2⃣ Bitcoin Fee Estimation tools from whatthefee.io, bitcoiner.live and Bitmex to avoid overspending.

You can check this thread for the upcoming highlights 👇
How to analyze crypto assets

Ryan from Bankless shared a great guide what to look for in DeFi assets. This should help everyone learn how to interpret on-chain data and how to make better token bets based on the following fundamental metrics.

✅ Marketcap
✅ Price to sales ratio (P/S)
✅ Token trading volume to market cap ratio (VOL/MC)
✅ Total value locked (TVL)
✅ Gross merchandise volume (GMV)
✅ Revenue
✅ Take rate

Note that these are good indicators but KPIs differ per vertical & project. It's also a great idea to follow projects closely and mark important dates to "frontrun" the crowd.
Never miss important insights

If you want to keep up with blockchain, crypto, DeFi and Web 3, you can check this page daily for the most recent insights from influencers, investors & top projects. We'll be adding interesting stats & dashboards in the coming days as well. This should help you get sentiment, opportunities & the most important updates from all crypto ecosystems.
Compound launches Compound Chain

Compound builds Compound Chain to enable cross-chain value transfers under $COMP governance. After kicking off #DeFi2020 with the COMP token release, this lower protocol development is a pioneering move for a DeFi project which may result in a great defensibility mechanism & manifest Compound as a cross-platform leader for borrowing & lending. twitter.com/compoundfinance/status/1339660220042072064

Here's the whitepaper for Compound Chain 👉🏼 compound.cash
Regulatory proposal for non-custodial wallets

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has proposed a new rule extending AML regulation to "unhosted wallets." This rule would require regulated companies (banks & exchanges) to verify the name & address of non-custodial wallet users for any transaction > $3k.

Full text 👇🏼
Web3 thematic: The emerging valuenet and “Wallstreet API”

Maple Leaf Capital shared a new report on their Web 3 investment thesis. This includes the full stack of Web 3 including layer 0/1 (Bitcoin, Ethereum), DeFi protocols as well as applications & their potential adoption. Great actionable insights, nice illustrations, and very much up-to-date - check it out!
a16z: 5 Charts explain why 2020 was a big year for crypto

1️⃣ DEX Volume grew rapidly
2️⃣ The flippening: Ethereum fees > Bitcoin fees
3️⃣ Rise in Bitcoin & Ethereum addresses
4️⃣ DeFi market cap grew to $15B but is still very small compared to the overall market
5️⃣ DAOs have strong fundamentals, capture value and really took off in 2020

Merry Christmas

Did you already collect your christmas present from 1inch.exchange? https://1inch-exchange.medium.com/1inch-token-is-released-e69ad69cf3ee

Make sure to also check out this fantastic piece on tokens and bootstrapping networks from Deribit Insights.

Projects have found a hack to bridge the difficult early adoption phase by funneling the utility of future adopters to early ones, thereby smoothing out their respective utility functions.

We hope you‘re having fun in this bull run and taking profits on the way 😎

We’ll focus more on DeFi in the future to get everyone involved in the financialization of everything.
Folius Ventures released a very comprehensive deck on the emerging Web 3 ecosystem which includes the current state and potential future of layer 1 & layer 2 blockchains, cross-chain solutions, DeFi, new verticals such as NFTs, data and governance as well as token valuation frameworks. Check it out 👇🏼
Overview: DeFi Revenue Leaders

DYDX is the new DeFi (annualized) revenue leader - due to the product-market fit of perp trading and DYDX trading incentives.

Decentralized exchanges (and lending protocols) on Ethereum and alternative layer 1 protocols are at the core of DeFi and enjoy the highest profitability margins.

*Data annualized from last month

Stakingrewards shared a great writeup that covers everything around Kusama and upcoming Polkadot parachains and slot auctions:

👉🏼 Common good parachains
👉🏼 Auction granted parachains
👉🏼 Parathreads

New Web 3 report for q3 21 by ConsenSys

✅ Intro to Web 3
✅ User numbers for DeFi, NFT & Metaverse
✅ Analysis of Stablecoins
✅ Borrowing & Lending Market Overview
✅ Analysis of DeFi Revenues
✅ Governance of top DeFi protocols
✅ Ethereum layer 2 comparison

Follow the link for the full report and key takeaways for DeFi👇🏼