Avaxtars (AVXT) Official Announcements
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Welcome to the official Avaxtars Announcements Telegram Channel.

AVAXTARS is an NFT based browser game build on #Avalanche Platform and going to have its own Tokenomics.
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Avaxtars will be under maintenance for 2 hours. Get ready for the new features πŸ‘€
Lucky Wheel v2 is finally over. Congratulations everyone who spinned the wheel.

Burn Statistics for this Lucky Wheel:

15.664.000 $AVXT and 8.672.000 $MNDL was burned in our Lucky WheelπŸ”₯

Forwarded from Emre

One of our partners Heroes of NFT, is planning a GameFi Night. Don't forget to participate πŸš€
Kayros Games has added Avaxtars to their system. We can roughly summarize the purpose and vision of Kayros Games as being a beginner's guide for Web3 games to be played more easily by the players. Players will be able to discover and learn the games and buy ready-made packages via memberships. For example, for Avaxtars, we can consider various packages such as CFG+4 GEN2+ENXT+DGC. For those who want to review:

πŸ’―Our re-design process is going on!

🏁Gen2 NFTs are nearly finished.

πŸ₯³We will be glad to show this process to our community.

🀩A spoiler for new Gen2. This Gen2 will be revealed step by step.
As part of the CRYPTO MANDALA & AVAXTARS collaboration, all of the use cases on Avaxtars for Crypto Mandala NFTs and $MNDL Tokens will expire on JANUARY 4, 2023.

As of January 4, 2023, $MNDL Tokens will not be able to be deposited into AVAXTARS in-game wallets yet it will be available to withdraw from the in-game wallet.

As of January 4, 2023, all $MNDL tokens on the cryptomandala.art website that have not been "Claimed" will be burned.

After January 4, 2023, a balance of 5 MNDL = 1 AVXT will be established in the MNDL/AVXT pool and MNDL Tokens will be exchanged.