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ArtFight: Team Bloom

Okay, here is THAT month again - time to kick myself to create and mainly finish and publish more art.
Have you joined too? I would love to check your characters, please, drop me link/username in comment! My AF profile is right here.

Last year I've joined ArtFight for the first time and was so much surprised how much it has motivated me. This year goal is to draw at least that much like last year (14 pictures in total, which is almost 1 every 2 days) and to create some traditional piece too. And also draw more species which are not in my comfort zone (humans, I'm looking at you).
ArtFight: Blooming Sam

And here is new themed icon for ArtFight. Sam turned out so cute here - it's because the flower crown, right? Right?? :D
ArtFight: Good morning, beautiful

First attack during Artfight 2022 is for Hioshiru 💙
ArtFight: Silly spacepuppy

Second attack is for BloodhoundOmega.
size of original: 9 × 8 cm
technique: gouache on cardboard
ArtFight: Sunny stripes

Third attack, this time for Alaeries because colorfull tiger character is something I couldn't resist ❤️