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Achievement completed: German support! Thanks a lot for translations to @eglaar.
More languages coming, so I decided to put language settings into separate menu accessible via /help or /lang. Also, I probably put these text on some online localization platform so you can translate them easily. I'm testing one right now.
Thanks to @Matteo1611 bot can speak in Italiano, just check it out in /help or /lang. Still, there are more languages in progress :)
There are some issues with Telegram lib, that I'm using, I had to shut bot down for a while.
So it is not bug in Telegram lib, but in Telegram API.
There is nothing I can do about that right now, so.. be patience.
Forwarded from Telegram Live Translated
⚠️ In addition to the "disappearance" of Telegram X, at the moment there may be problems with the Bot API, but not all.

If a bot suddenly stopped working, please, do not spam it frequenty with commands/messages, just keep patience.

Translated from: @tglive
πŸŽ‰ Bot is back online!
There were some changes in Telegram API ( so I made some minor tweaks in code and it should work, now.
πŸ’‘ Big update!
Thanks to @Vigor666 bot can speak in ру́сский язы́к, just check /lang command.

A lot of people were asking about ability to send join verification messages to another chat instead of posting it in chat, where user joined. And I think it is cool feature too, especially for Anomaly purposes. So, its done! Use /setForward (or alias /sf) where you can find more help, or leave /feedback if you need help, I will contact you.

Also, there were some minor bugs that I fixed and added some tweaks as convert to supergroup sometimes reset the settings, added some icons to messages, added help message when chat is created, better loging, better translations and a lot of background stuff to increase stability and speed 😊.

Again, thank you for the /feedback. Because of that, there is plenty of features on the todo list = another cool features and translations are coming.
πŸ’‘ Another update!
As I promised few days ago, new features are coming. From today, you can set custom welcome message for newly joining users.
There should (please test it and leave /feedback) be full support of Bot Markdown (italic, bold, inline URL or code), UTF-8 icons (πŸ’‘ βœ… etc.) and multiline, so you are limited only by your creativity and message length limit. Small example is included in help.
Of course it is fully compatible with forward settings = verification message will be send to forward chat and welcome message to original chat. Otherwise these two messages are merged into one and send to original chat.
Also it is compatible with user autokick - welcome message is not displayed.
You can find detailed info in /setWelcome - works only in (super)group chat.
πŸ’‘ Finally an update!
Many of you were asking for better command handling not to collide with other bots, so there it is. Now you have to use @AreYouGreenBot after all commands in group chat, for example /verify@AreYouGreenBot. But don't worry, most of the Telegram clients on mobile, PC and even web support autocomplete if you start typing command (sadly, not Plus Messenger).
This also fixed situations, where sometimes /setWelcome was part of message.
πŸ’‘ Small update.
This idea was inspired by special alert chats, where everyone should have notifications on and write strictly if something happens (big field, farms..). Every new user automatically causes fake alert which is annoying. You can now Enable autodelete join message via /help, and the bot will delete that system join message as soon as possible. Also, if you enable /setForward (to some empty chat for example), chat will remain completely silent.

Note: Sadly, there is no way to detect kick message by bot, so if someone joins a chat, with auto-kick for not verified agents, it will still cause fake alert about system leave message.
There was massive power outtage in city, where is @AreYouGreenBot hosted, even two of three mobile operators network were down.
After few minutes is everything back online!
πŸ’‘ Rocks update!
Some chats need more security than just Rocks, V or verifications, so thanks to multiple feedbacks, it is now possible to add verifications based on Rocks community.

It is simple. You setup Rocks community, grab an API key, pair it to some chat(s) and that's all. New users entering this chat will be verified against your Rocks community and non-members will be kicked. For detailed info use /setRocksComm (or alias /src) in private message with @AreYouGreenBot. PM is necessary because of using private API token from Rocks.
It was kind of hard to implement it along with other features of this bot, so let me know if everything works properly (also, "thanks" is not spam! ;)).

Teams on V can be an alternative to Rocks communities, but no one asked about them. If you are using them and want this feature as well, let me know in /feedback and I will decide if it's worth the time to implement it :)

Also, there were some minor changes in translations and as always, some background changes to improve stability and speed.
Last Telegram update comes with some changes but one of them is very handful even for ENL comunities: Group permissions.
Because of channel API limitations there is no way to detect a user joining, so the bot cannot check if the user is verified. But now you can create and setup secure chat to act like a channel.

Best settings are the following:
πŸ‘‰ Create chat and invite @AreYouGreenBot
πŸ‘‰ Go to chat settings -> Manage group -> Permissions and set everything off
Optional: you can leave Add members enabled, depends on your security level.
Optional: to allow some users to post messages to channel you can add them to Exceptions or set as Administrator.
πŸ‘‰ Enable ENL databases or set Rocks community.
πŸ‘‰ Enable autokick if user is not verified.
πŸ‘‰ Enable autodeleting join messages.
πŸ‘‰ Create second chat with @AreYouGreenBot and setup forwarding verification messages to keep channel-chat clean.

⚠️ Dont forget about API limitation and wait ~10 minutes before inviting other agents to the channel-chat.

ℹ️ Only difference apart from classic channel is that users can see other chat members and their status (administrator or moderator).

PS: I was developing this feature too - restrict sending messages to every new member but I'm glad that I don't have to finish this and let Telegram to take care of this πŸ‘

PS2: If you created some great usecase like this with @AreYouGreenBot, don't hesitate to share your idea via /feedback, it might be published here and inspire more chat admins.
πŸ’‘ Announcement!
I got exclusive access to database to integrate it in @AreYouGreenBot!

This bot is very helpfull across the whole world to keep peace in green colored chats and right now it can bring peace to Resistance members too. Thanks for your faithfulness and keep spreading word about bot in more and more chats. 🐸 πŸ’™

Verifications are enabled by default - if you want to turn it off, just check settings in /help as ussual.

EDIT 2. April 2019:
Thanks for your support and feedback about this April Fool :) The sharing lead to more people learning about the bot.
⚠ There are some issues with Internet service provider so the bot is offline right know.
I will notify you here as soon as I have any updates.
πŸ’‘ Audit!
I've been working on this update on and off for a few months, because it is quite complicated but mainly because I'm active πŸ’š ENL player ;) There is still a lot of work but I decided to release it earlier and gather info from you, which will help me finish this feature.
Audit can be only accessed using an "πŸ”Ž Audit help" button in /help in your (super)groups.

Detailed info (most likely this will change in the future):
πŸ‘‰ there is cooldown limit 6 hours before you can request audit again
πŸ‘‰ audit will take long time before it is fully processed. It is just because API limitation and avoiding hitting requests limits (~150 seconds in chat with 100 users)
πŸ‘‰ results will be sent to your forward chat and if it is not set, your PM will be used. That means no message to your chats (great if you want to audit some alert chats)
πŸ‘‰ In the output, you will find brief info about the chat, but mainly list of unverified users based on your chat settings: enabled databases, permissive (default) or restrictive kicking and Rocks community

πŸ‘‰ if you don't get reply in 1 hour after running audit, contact me in /feedback and include the message that arrived to your PM right after audit started

Todo (leave /feedback if you want any of these):
πŸ‘‰ run audit automatically?
πŸ‘‰ do some actions after audit such as kicking unverified users?
πŸ‘‰ make whitelist of users in your chat to not be audited?
πŸ‘‰ anything else?

I tested audit in few chats that I'm member of but I can't simulate everything so if you want to help me, open /help and run audit in your chat(s) to test @AreYouGreenBot limits. Don't forget to report back your feelings about this feature to me in /feedback even if audit was successful.
πŸ’‘ No more commands!
When I looked few months back, bot got much more complicated. Long-term users might be ok with help and commands, but it might be a little bit confusing for new users to setup anything.

So I decided to rewrite bot UI and (almost) everything is done via buttons. Main changes:
- Format of verification message is a little bit different
- Forward verification message is the simplest setting right now - just choose the chat where you are admin and thats all.
- Rocks Comm is done via PM chat.
- Welcome Message is done in PM chat too and it got new fresh detailed help and added better examples.

All other settings haven't changed (enabling or disabling databases, kicking or deleting join messages)

In all cases, bot wil not send any of these messages into your chat. Everything you need is to keep at least one bot's /help message with buttons in your chat (even months ago). For example I hate to keep posting multiple messages, that aren't usefull for other users in chat. Bot is widely used to secure alert chats and I keep this in my mind while developing :)
Because of current events in the world and fear of COVID-19 pandemic, bot itself decided that it will keep the distance between all users at least 2 meters (6.5 feet) and will be measuring temperatures.
Just type /temperature command to find out or use this link.

I had a loooong discussion with @AreYouGreenBot, but it insist on these measures. I suppose it knows better than any of us.
ℹ️ Some of you might have noticed that UptimeRobot dashboard for @AreYouGreenBot was showing that most of the services are down, which simply was not true.
AYG server has several tests, which are checked every few minutes from multiple locations and services and only UptimeRobot was causing this trouble.
In the past few days even the UptimeRobot page is very laggy (up to 30 seconds page loading), 5xx error pages, certificate error etc., so I believe there were some troubles on their side. Yesterday I reseted stats and it is started working again showing 100% as it should, weird.

πŸ‘‰ TL;DR AreYouGreenBot is online 24/7 so don't worry about your chat security πŸ™‚.

Anyway, these problems didn't stop me from migrating to another server, which should be more stable and faster than previous hosting. While i was preparing to migration, I've also done some optimalization in the code, so it should be even faster πŸš€.

Update: 2020-06-01: Uptimerobot is still reporting about downtime. Again, everything is still online 24/7.

Update 2020-06-04: Uptimerobot knows about issues and it solution is in progress.