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Starting Saturday May 28 at 10am:

KCRD is proud to carry the Station of the Cross's new show "The Spirit World" Saturdays at 10am. Co-hosted by Adam Blai (author and religious demonologist) and Debbie Georgianni (angel expert and co-host of Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie on EWTN Radio), this weekly show will answer your questions about angels, demons, eternal life, and how the spiritual and physical worlds interact. This is a live call-in show; call 877-511-5483 with your questions between 10am and 11am CT on Saturdays.

See the show's web page at for more details and episode archives.
Hello again Father,
Thank You for the gift of another day. I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. So, this morning it is my will to surrender everything that I am, and everything I strive to be, to You. It is my hope to strengthen my relationship with You through our encounters in our daily get togethers.
As I do some honest soul searching I confess that one of my character defects, that is in need of Your grace, is that I can be, at times, very judgemental!
So, I ask Your forgiveness for the times that I have been prone to make critical, condescending, and condemning judgements of others with a different point of view or lifestyle then mine. With true humility I ask for Your wisdom and strength to become less self-righteous, sanctimonious, and hypocritically pious. As Your disciple, I know that AIN'T the way You want me to proclaim Your Good News.
Come Lord Jesus, come Holy Spirit, help me to be less critical of others. I know that sometimes I am quick to judge based on appearances or situations. Help me to have a more compassionate heart. Place in my mind the thoughts of caring. Give me the heart of service, not of a skeptic. Help me to remember Your Word; "Judge not, that you be not judged." (Matthew 7:1).
Dear heavenly Father, You show me Your love every single day. I ask that You give me a spirit of pure humility and gentleness. When I interact with others, reach obstacles, or get challenged, I ask for Your wisdom and guidance in being more patient and tolerant. Help me respond with love always. Help me be wise, tactful, and kind to everyone with whom I interact today.
I ask for Your strength and power to keep me away from all evil today. Deliver me, protect me, and guide me toward righteousness and away from any kind of evil. Grant me the gifts of patience, peace, kindness and love of others that I may bring them to You. Thank You for being faithful and never leaving my side. Come walk with me today. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

The Etruscan
The Church of the Resurrection, 4300 Asbury Road, is offering a Free Drive Through Food Pantry, Saturday, June 25, 8:30 to 10AM.
The event will be held in the Church's lower parking lot.   No IDs are required and participants will remain in their vehicles.  
Volunteers will direct traffic and load boxes of food into vehicles.  
The event will conclude at 10 AM, or when food is gone. 

Contact info: