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Apple announces «Spring Loaded» event for April 20. New Macs, iPads are expected. Possibly, Apple Tags too. And maybe something else…

We’re doing somewhat special pre-event show this time. Let’s get together half an hour before the event to make our own predictions and prepare ourselves to get excited!

Tune in at 19:30 GMT+3! This would be fun!
We're continuing our series on open source developments. This time Stuart Breckenridge joins us with his insights on NetNewsWire RSS reader development.

How to mix day job and open source, what is RSS and our wishes for WWDC21 and much more – on May 18 at 18:00 GMT+3
Today is Children’s Day. So, we’re discussing hot topic of kids vs mobile.
What is so special about apps for kids? How to make good apps for kids? When is it okay to allow mobile phones for them? When is it time to start learning development?

And our guest is Olexandra Dmytrenko, eKids program lead trainer, EPAM Systems,

Join us today, June 1st at 18:00 GMT+3:
Do you use Combine? Or any other reactive functional programming framework?
Apple simply did not mention it at all on WWDC21.
So, what is the future of Combine? Let’s find out with the best expert on Combine – Marin Todorov. He brought us Timelane, co-authored Combine book, and, put it simple, just a great developer.

… and we might also touch DocC a bit. Why? Join us on July 20, 18:00 GMT+3 to get the answers 🙂
Today at 18:00 GMT+3 we’ll take a look into iOS developer’s day.
Our podcast team are not regular podcasters (you probably noticed that :)). We’re actually developers ourselves.
Let’s talk a bit on what we’re doing daily. Join us with your questions and stories!