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We're releasing a swap guide today and trading tutorials for Poloniex, Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Justswap ahead of our launch event
🚨 As we'll be investing heavily on marketing across different media channels tomorrow at our launch time, we'll start posting all updates on our official channel:


By doing this, information isn't lost in the chat history and all the new comers will have a tidy place where they'll access info about the project and get answers on the most general questions.

Join the channel here! @Apolline_Foundation
Forwarded from Sam
Forwarded from Sam
Hello everyone, welcome to launch day! πŸš€πŸŒ™ we all have been waiting for this day and it's finally here πŸ™πŸΌ Thank you all for your support so far
Forwarded from Sam
A ton of crucial information will be uploaded in the following hours so please head to the channel @Apolline_Foundation so the information isn't lost here in the chat
Forwarded from Sam
This information covers:
1. How to swap
2. How to trade on Pancakeswap
3. How to trade on Uniswap
4. How to train on Poloniex Dex
APLN Listing Status:

⏳ Poloniex Dex: Delayed
βœ… Uniswap: Listed @ ~$0.01
βœ… Pancakeswap: Listed ~$0.01
⏳ Justswap: Awaiting confirmation
There's an $8 gas fee on ETH chain transactions, we're adjusting this to apply that fee to ERC20 swaps
ERC20 transaction fees are at a rate of ~$10 USD no matter the amount. All previous ERC20 swaps are being sent back to their origin wallet. We're evaluating the situation and working out a solution. In the meantime, anyone who made an ERC20 swap please confirm that you receive your APLN back.

We just burned 50% of all APLN ERC20 supply. That puts and end to the 50% supply burn we promised in our whitepaper. Stay tuned since there are more burnings coming.
We're stabilizing the price of APLN again on pancakeswap, please refrain from trading for the next 20 minutes
We're on track
You all have been patient and we highly appreciate that, to keep you updated:

1. Pancakeswap (Listed βœ…), but the price needs to be adjusted again to $0.01
2. Uniswap (Listed βœ…), but eth transaction fees are astronomical due to eth sudden price increase. So we reverted ALL erc20 swaps, please check your wallet.
3. Poloniex (Delayed), we're still waiting for the Poloniex team to launch our token on their platform, which was expected to come out today.
4. Justswap (Delayed), and we haven't got a response from their team.

Our next steps:

1. Fix Pancakeswap price to $0.01
2. Postpone our main advertising campaign until we're listed on Poloniex, which is the biggest market for us
3. Keep releasing tutorials on our youtube channel

What holders should do

1. We advise BEP20 holders to start trading once we fix the pancakeswap price
2. We ask TRC10 holders to please be patient. We're waiting for the Poloniex team. We're doing all we can to get us launched ASAP but it's in their hands now (we're not blaming them, they must have their fair share of processes too)
3. People who tried swapping to ERC20 should check their TRC10 wallets to confirm that their funds were resent back.
4. People who swapped to bep20 and haven't received their funds please be patient, you will receive your swap.

Thank you all for your support in this important phase of the project. πŸ™
🚨 Important:

We have confirmed first hand that all new listings are stopped on PoloniDex. That's the reason why our listing request hasn't been launched.

In the meantime, a resourceful community member found https://trontrade.io , a TRC10-compatible exchange which could allow us to trade our APLN TRC10 so we can continue expanding the project. We immediately proceeded to review the exchange, and after making sure it was at the standard of quality we look for on an exchange, we submitted a listing application.

This is a reminder that you all can make suggestions and support the project by proposing solutions.

We'll continue searching for TRC10-compatible exchanges since ~99.99% of our circulating supply is in TRC10

We already contacted a PoloniDex admin in regard to when listings applications will be resumed. We'll keep you updated.
Forwarded from Sam
Hello, everyone. I hope you all have been great. Thank you all for your patience. Since Poloniex Dex stopped new listings, we're waiting for a new listing time on their platform. In the meantime, we're evaluating and requesting on various compatible exchanges, both DEX and centralized to get our TRC10 APLN listed ASAP
New submissions for the Airdrop bot are closed, reward distribution will start today