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10 Billion $TROOP - Should we #BURN it, #MEME it or #AIRDROP it, YOU decide!


It is FREE to VOTE for $TROOP #HODLERS and ZERO gas fees.

Our first proposal is open for #Voting - HERE

You have just under 24hrs to get your vote in #apestogetherstrong #TROOP


@ApeTroop - ApeTroop.io
Let me highlight the options for the First Proposal and our thinking behind all (3) Choices

Proposal #1 - HERE

CHOICE #1 - MEME CONTEST - We could use the 10B $TROOP and run a MEME contest to attract more People
CHOICE #2 - AIRDROP TO WHALES - We could airdrop 10B tokens to 10K WHALE wallets from various projects they MAY see that $TROOP is in their wallet and look into WHAT $TROOP is about, this could see an increase in WHALES finding what $TROOP is about also it would increase our HODLERS so we could then add the Ape Troop logo to the Trust Wallet 😉
$TROOP is now on Live Coin Watch


You can view the listing here - https://livecoinwatch.com/price/ApeTroop-TROOP

Did you know that 3% of EVERY $TROOP buy/sell is distributed to ALL $TROOP #HODLERS?

That means that you get FREE $TROOP just for HODLING $TROOP

Get a #BAG - HERE

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We burned 1 Trillion $TROOP today from our Total supply!


In total, we have burned 508,549,005,952,513 $TROOP with more to come!

1T $TROOP Burn tx - https://bscscan.com/tx/0x229dcc314ae9b6d030b3b03837853c53e086e8e968860b764a741744f5679c46

The more we burn the less there is which means the more valuable each $TROOP becomes.


BSCscan has finally updated our profile that is why our DEXT score has increased to 99/100

We have been listed on Coinsniper! https://coinsniper.net/coin/5909
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Hey everyone, thanks for being patient.

We have dropped a small sneak peak of what you will be able to farm in our NFT farm very soon!

This #1 NFT is called Kamikaze and it is in our SYZYGY Collection

We just wanted to update the $TROOP on the progress thus far.
- Our NFT Farm looks great and our art has been completed for the very first collection.
- A few key team members have been sick so this hampered the progress on the project but from Monday we should be back in the full swing of things.