Campaign for TRUTH & Civil Rights
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Campaign focused on the issues of Human & Civil Rights, drmanding TRUTH from Government.

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We are out again tomorrow afternoon, to defend fundamental rights.

Even if Government are rail-roading us through their agenda, we are not powerless.

Individuals need to proclaim truth & justice, we need to assert our rights & interests.

Join in, take your own stand, where ever, & how ever, you can.
This will be presented to
(or his representative) at 12:30pm Wednesday, at Kildare Street gate to Leinster House, come & join in for an hour?

Vote NO to Emergency Powers - Sign the Petition!
Tomorrow evening is likely to see Government attempt to slip through a vote on renewal of Emergency Powers.

We will be outside Leinster House from 12:30pm until about 2pm, on Wednesday (tomorrow) to meet our TDs and present the Petition.

There is an all-out move against our fundamental rights, we must declare our opposition and call on TDs to do likewise.
We are supporting this campaign, focused on the issue of Informed Consent.

We objected when our own Government wanted to dictate medical treatments to us, we must do the same if the WHO tries to.

Rally at Leinster House on Wednesday 25th.

Please SHARE.
Getting ready for the launch of #STOPtheTREATY next Wednesday outside Leinster House, event starting at 12 o'clock.

Supported by ourselves, Enough is Enough & Lawyers for Justice Ireland
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Protect Freedom of CHOICE, the Right to Informed Consent, also our Civil Rights and Human Rights which are clearly under threat.

Campaign for TRUTH, Enough Is Enough & Lawyers For Justice, amongst others, are launching #STOPtheTREATY campaign on Wednesday 25th May at 12 noon outside Leinster House.

Bí linn más féidir ...
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Here is a .PDF image of the A5 size flyer that people may wish to print for local use...
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Here is the report from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla's appearance in court today:
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The Irish Neutrality Campaign ( are hosting a Public Rally on Wednesday 20th 11am at Cork City Hall.

Please SHARE & support this important event.
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Can you help promote the petition to say 'Yes to Irish Neutrality'.

Please SHARE it, SIGN it, and promote it if you can ...

The issue is important, we must stop Government efforts to drag us into militarism.

#NATO #PESCO #WAR #PeacefulAssembly
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Join in on Wednesday 14th at Leinster House, to greet the 'powers-that-be' as they return to collect their vulgar PAYRISE!
Organised by the 'Campaign for TRUTH & Civil Rights'.

Speakers will address the real nature of the economic crisis & how our natural wealth is being robbed by globalism.

We must go beyond mere protest & complaining ... we need to set out a plan to remove all the vested interests from power & establish rule by the people.

Together we can build a bright future, but we must organise for that.

Join in?
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Rally to 'End the Rip-Off' in Cork city tomorrow.
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Media is too big
We need to build independent NEW MEDIA, so that we can decide the issues to debate and offer analysys based on our own needs.

Already THE PEOPLE'S PAPER reaches out, but we need other media types and more to get involved.

If we allow the monopoly controlled media and social media to set the agenda, and censor debate, then we will remain enslaved.

Can you take a few copies of THE PEOPLE'S PAPER every month to share with friends?

Message us here.
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Four Dutch Navy warships are coming to Cork next Friday, these are part of NATO which is an active and aggressive military alliance.
We have organised peaceful assemblies to express our opposition to their presence in Ireland, they are in violation of the Hague Convention on Neutrality.
Government should not allow NATO forces into our national territory, but we are not surprised that they do, they already have us collaborating with the creation of an Army and working with NATO.
Last week the Fine Gael Ard Fheis voted to abandon the ‘Triple Lock’, to remove the requirement of UN sanction on the deployment of our military overseas.
Let’s defend our NEUTRALITY and demand an end to all warmongering.

Organised by:
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The Fools, the Fools, the Fools, they have left us our Fenian dead!

The 1916 Rising will be marked by a series of Pipe Band Parades, remembering the centenary of the death of General Liam Lynch, Chief of Staff, Irish Republican Army and remembering Tomás Mac Curtáin, Terence MacSwiney and all of our patriot dead.

The event in Cork city assembles in Blackpool from 1pm Saturday 8th, marching at 2pm to the National Monument on Grand Parade.

Other events take place in Fermoy (2pm on Sunday) and a wreath laying takes place at the monument to Liam Lynch in the Knockmealdown Mountains at 9am on Sunday.
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UCC & Cork City Council are organising a FESTIVAL to celebrate EU values (Globalism) between 1pm & 5pm on Sunday 7th May at City Hall, Cork.

We are hosting a gathering entitled:


Join in?

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We have helped start a campaign to have Bridget released. She is innocent and the victim of a Miscarriage of Justice... her's is the same experience of too many families who have been tormented and abused by Tusla.

Fighting this campaign for Bridget is fighting for all the Families and Children, please do what you can to spread the word