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Are you revoked? Are you need computer?
NO, I Am S1gned!
AmS1gn is the 1st Indonesian private cloud signing services for iOS.

Forget your computer! Use AmS1gn. >
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For those who have not received a confirmation email after the transaction on AmS1gn, please let us know. Especially for those who transaction using PayPal and the email is different.


Thank you.
Currently, our payment system is under maintenance.
We are investigating.

Impact: You can’t make a payment on the website (except using PayPal)

Sorry for the inconvenience.
AmS1gn News pinned «Maintenance complete, you can continue using DUITKU payment system. Thank you.»
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[Free Release] Mugunghwa 2.0 for Trollstore 🌸

by /u/DaanDH12 @ /r/jailbreak

## This app requires TrollStore

Link: [](


* Fixed a bug that "0" is not changing


* Badge colour changing
* Home Gesture
* Passcode theming


* Carrier Changer

and more to come :)

Credits:Develop: u/soongyu_kwon

Icon: u/DaanDH12

TSUtil: u/opa334dev

And for those who sent me analytics.
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[News] Legizmo “Kincaid” for use on iOS 15 TrollStore has been released!

by /u/Nadjibg @ /r/jailbreak
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[News] TrollStore 1.1 released!

by /u/ytnocontent06 @ /r/jailbreak
Link to update:
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#News NextDev27 is available for Pre-Order ETA: 14 days (start from 20 Sep)
Current slot at NextDev27.

NextDev27 will be ready in early Oct,

Join & Pre-Order Now at
AmS1gn News
Current slot at NextDev27. NextDev27 will be ready in early Oct, Join & Pre-Order Now at
We are detecting some of you may pay using VISA or Master Card and it FAIl.

Sorry, but currently VISA / Master Card in our system only accept for domestic people 🇮🇩

Next, we will add some payment gateway for foreign people. If you have any good recommendations, please let us know.

Thank you
iOS/iPadOS 15.7 & iOS 16.0 16.0.1 16.0.2 have been added to
Spotify v8.7.70 add HiFi status on connected devices
AmS1gn News
Spotify macOS for Apple Silicon.dmg
Spotify for macOS

- Unlimited skips 
- No ads

- remove installed version if exist
- DO NOT update