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Ron Watkins discusses the goal of the AlienLeaks project, answers some questions received via email, and puts a certain allegation to rest.

Video mirror:
Unclassified DNI report on Unidentifiable Aerial Phenomena has been released.

Quick summary:
“We don’t know, but we are improving our reporting system.”
Some people ask why there hasn’t been an alien “galactic embassy” setup on Earth.
When was the last time you went and setup an embassy on the ant hill in your backyard?
AlienLeaks is set to continue the Memory Hole series with a set of documents which will certainly be making waves.
Global espionage?
A massive coverup?
Unknown tech?
Joking about “unusual visitors”?

Not things you’d expect NASA to be involved in......
Unraveling a scientific conspiracy.

Today, June 28, 2021, AlienLeaks has released the second in a series of “Memory Holed” documents.

Read about the history of anti-gravity and gravity shielding. Discover how the government takes over private research and moves it into classified compartments. Dive deep into a memory holed and eye opening 1996 NASA research document.

View the documents, supporting video and commentary here:
What's the truth about gravity and zero point energy? Has a scientist discovered how to create gravity waves? Why is this information being hidden from the public?

The truth is not only out there but it can change the world.

Check out AlienLeaks ( for documents related to this discussion.
This document is very important.
Please download it and read through it to understand many things which were memory holed and are now considered secrets.
NASA has built a magnetic lifter which is essentially a gun barrel built into the side of a mountain.
It shoots projectiles using magnetic levitation.
Hard to block a missile that is essentially thrown at you.

Visit for more information.
NASA’s Project ORION is a ground based laser that shoots satellites with the goal of just slightly altering the satellite’s orbit.
Satellites attacked by Project ORION will need to expend extra fuel and resources to stay in orbit or face the consequences of early atmospheric re-entry.

Visit for more information.
NASA’s plan for a manned return to the moon in 2002 included a curious object called a “PREDEPLOYMENT HABITAT”.

Proof of American moon base?

Visit for more information.
While most certainly not proof of aliens, NASA is not shy to joke about “unusual visitors”.

Visit for more information.
AlienLeaks website has been under attack for the past few hours since releasing this new set of docs.
Over the target?