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Where in your life do you find yourself feeding the most energy?
Look to what a “regular” day looks like for you.  
Do you spend much of your time in physical pursuits?
Or perhaps you spend a lot of time in meditation, journeying and practicing your energy work & Quantum Realms visitations?
Doing other things that brings you joy and love into your heart & life?
And other enjoyable things like learning and mastering a new skill, practice or expanding your knowledge base?
Or do you find yourself focused too heavily on the 3D, and the material “to-do” lists, chasing the next dopamine hit?  
Or jumping down the next rabbit hole in one of the many Matrices you may find yourself on any given day?
Remember, you are in control of the reality you will experience.
This does not mean to disassociate from the stark realities of what is unfolding in the 3D. What it does mean is to choose wisely which spectrum and frequency you wish to operate from and make “your norm”
Realising that whichever energy you feed is the energy that will expand, this can either be a beautiful consuming or your worst nightmare depending on the polarity you wish to neutralize at.
With the Astrological energies we have been experiencing these past 2 – 12 years (depending on which time line you have joined us at) and the energies we will be coming into these next few months it really is imperative – if you haven’t already – to get in tune with yourself and master how you wish to be “feeling” on any day during your day to day.
This is not about positive thinking or any of that fluff and woo bypassing nonsense.
This is about being a Hermetic Alchemist – one who sees the potentialities, and choses to be the cause not the effect in any instance they wish to enter into.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for reading.
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13D & above love, always,
Amanda L Darch
30 Nov 2021
"You are the Author, the Architect, and the Director of your life. What are you co-creating with the Divine?"
- Amanda L Darch
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Intuitively guided share of the Tao Te Ching.
Narrated by me.

Spirit had me open to the page with passage LXVI of Book Two ~ Te Ching.

You can also pause the end screen to screen shot & save to read direct from the page too if you wish.

Amanda L Darch

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