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I plan on using this channel for both sharing blog writings, but also to document places I am working online in tandem with Intuitive.
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"People are afraid to talk about it and I'm not," Cuomo said. "This virus creates emotional illness and creates psychological illness. I'm telling you it is in my head. Not just figuratively in terms of it messing with you because you've been sick for a long time."

He added: "It is causing people depression. And it's creating brain fog. It's creating edginess in people. I'm experiencing that. It messes with your head, this virus. I don't know where it leaves you afterwards."

‘Cuomo has been giving regular updates about his condition to the public over the past two weeks. Last Wednesday night, he told Gupta that he had been feeling "oddly spacey" and didn't know why. A few days before that, he revealed that his COVID-19 fever was so bad that he hallucinated seeing his deceased father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

"I was up all night, I'm telling you, I was hallucinating," he said. "My dad was talking to me. I was seeing people from college, people I hadn't seen in forever. It was freaky, what I went through last night. And it may happen again tonight.”’

“Kate O’Connell is a radio producer who studied at our nine-week Story Workshop in Woods Hole. She’s also a nurse in an emergency room at a hospital in Queens, NY.

When the coronavirus pandemic began to explode in the U.S. and especially in New York City, I reached out to Kate to see how she was and how things were at work.

The email she sent was so honest and revealing that we asked if she might want to record it. And we also asked if she would keep sending us audio letters so that we can hear what’s happening at one of the centers of the outbreak.

We’ll post Kate’s updates as frequently as we get them. They’ll also be made available via our podcast. Listen.”
“Mutual Aid isn’t an event or a series of events. It isn’t “woke” charity.

Mutual Aid is a concrete solution to removing ourselves from capitalism.

Mutual Aid doesn’t end when the last meal is served or the last dollar is spent.

Imagine everyone being fed, free, & secure.”

Y’all. It’s 3:15 am and I’m finally about to get my happy ass to bed but now I’m wide awake with concern watching a lighting storm over Sonoma Co. to the west of me. The sky keeps lighting up in major flashes. I don’t see lightening bolts, but the whole sky over there keeps lighting up.

We’re in the middle of hot as balls weather, at the driest time of year and last thing northern Ca needs is a lightening storm.

Say a prayer that nothing but a beautiful sky show comes of it.