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This channel has been created to ensure we have a FREE and open way of communicating. Privacy is eroding and censorship has become rampant so to maintain our own "community" is more important than ever. Also, if not registerd, visit www.AdvancedMedicine.
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In the following 20 days, a few thousand people throughout the global community will begin a dramatically positive transformational experience which will define not only their lives, but cascade out to millions of others throughout the planet as a result.  This is the "TAP" we all are given at some point in our lives from within, from the Universe, from the Creator.  It is the "TAP" that says "wake up".  And the source responsible for these shifts resulting in this "TAP" will be surprising to you!  Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rashid A Buttar on November 4, 2021 to learn more about TAP. You'll learn more about yourself, your potential and what TAP has done for well over a thousand others. All who attend will be given 2 gifts: 1.) a resource of over 300 short videos that are deeply inspirational, demonstrative of TAP and indicative of the results achieved.  2.) a FREE health assessment tool already being reported as the most powerful and dramatical way of optimizing health, fueled by over 550 years of clinical experience with more than a 93% improvement in symptomology reported within 60 days of implementing the suggestions. Due to the time sensitive nature of the content, a replay is NOT scheduled, which means less than a half of 1% of people receiving this message will be able to attend.  So register now for this webinar because ONLY 3000 seats are available. This is a once in a life opportunity, never to be available again. But don't take my word for it. Visit www.TAPin2Reality.com and see what over 330 people experienced after joining TAP!
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