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Hi, all, thanks for joining this Telegram channel!

I've scheduled two different audio live events for next weekend:

- a Q&A via Twitter Spaces:

- a more professional one about acting & directing actors in disturbing films/roles via Clubhouse:

If you're on Twitter and/or Clubhouse, check them out and set reminders if you'd like to attend. How this works is that anyone who joins can listen live and can intervene in the discussion if they wish. Both are audio only, so hear you soon!

I don't think I'll make a buzz about this on social media, as I never tried Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse before. I'll keep it low profile for top fans only. If everything proves successful, I might do larger, more public events later.
A little secret: my third indie feature film in the trilogy will be called “Pure”. But don’t ask me about it in the Q&A ‘cause I can’t publicly say anything more yet 😁

I’ll be publishing though a bit more about it privately on Patreon for those of you supporting me there.
Teaser clip #5 premieres tomorrow, here's the link:

It's the last teaser clip I'm publishing from Chapter 1. We Put the World to Sleep will have two chapters, most probably released together in one movie.
I've just learned that Be My Cat was featured in a recent Indiewire article! That's huge, first WatchMojo and now Indiewire, Be My Cat begins to get recognision in the maisntream media!