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This is how Facebook forces their users to accept their #PrivacyBreaches by forcing their users to accept all of their app updates and not explicitly sharing what's included in their updates. #WhatsAppPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy2021 #TechPrivacy
@WhatsApp has NOT UPDATED their privacy policy to reflect the additional information that they have added onto their website since the new privacy policy was rejected by MILLIONS of their users:

#WhatsAppPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy2021 #TechPrivacy
Its speculation but @Facebook decided to warn their @WhatsApp users about the data they collect ONLY because @Apple started telling on them with its latest OS and app store update.

For more info watch this video:

Search app tracking info for yourself at:

#WhatsAppPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy2021 #TechPrivacy
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Instead of subscribing to email marketing campaigns, we suggest trying out apps knows as RSS Readers. Two RSS Readers we at recommend are:
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You will now be given until May 15th, 2021 to accept their unchanged new policy! @WhatsApp states that they will be sharing the messages you send businesses to @Facebook and @Instagram; which means for them to differentiate between a business and personal, they have access to every single message on your device!

Yes, they boast that they have E2E encryption, but as we at have pointed out before; E2E encryption only protects your messages from interception while in transmission. Facebook clearly has access to all of your messages on your phone. To prove this point we will use another very popular and feature rich messenger: Telegram

For the full article, please visit:

#TechPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy2021
It is no secret that @Telegram plans to take over from the compromised @WhatsApp

If you missed it, here’s a post by Telegram Messenger detailing how you can migrate/transfer all of your existing chats not just from WhatsApp but from KakaoTalk and Line Messenger too.

Telegram however doesn’t stop there, they even have a feature that rivals Facebook’s Instagram; named as “Channels”. All you have to do is create a channel, invite your closest friends to it and start posting! You even have the option of making your channel public; allowing anybody to view it. If you choose to make it public, you can give it it’s own handle and create a custom URL for it such as so that not just users of Telegram but even those who aren’t yet on Telegram can view your posts.

Full article:
We all know how valuable keys are don't we? Keys give us access to the places that we usually keep locked up for safe keeping. In the past people used vaults to store even money (some still do). But most people nowadays have money in a bank somewhere and with the fast pace innovations of technology, that money can now be accessed via your PC or Mobile Phone with just a password.

So then what really is the importance of a password? Well a password is the digital form of a key that gives us access to not just highly secure places such as bank accounts but also gives us access to every form of digital medium such as profiles and websites. Nowadays passwords are even used to open physical doors!

Hacking is a reality and it happens on a daily basis around the world, so we ask you; "Are your Digital Keys SAFE?"

We reached Telegram's limit on characters; to read more please visit

#TechInnovation #TechSecurity
It's usually 3 strikes and you're out. But Facebook seems to have several lives; maybe 9? Zuckerburg, you feline.

Strike 9: Phone numbers and personal information of over 500 million Facebook users were leaked online. Facebook confirms that it was legitimate user data that was leaked but dismisses it’s high-security level by saying it was data that was taken from Facebook in 2020.

To read the full article please visit

#TechPrivacy #FacebookLeak #FacebookPrivacy #WhatsAppPrivacy