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Welcome to my personal trading journal. I publish various trading ideas for cryptocurrencies on this channel. My focus is on educating you own simple technical analysis. Check out my Linktree for personal recommendations:
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Hello guys :) Welcome to the group! Gonna post another idea later today. Thanks for standing by
Just wanted to let you know that i'll start a free trading course soon: i'm gonna explain to you how to markets work, what different ways exist about making money (trading, arbirtrage, other stuff) and what the best approach to it is.

Once we reach a few more members here :) cheers

Ripple is actually a cryptocurrency i keep investing in for year now. Bought my first stash back in 2015 on Poloniex (sub 0.01$) and i'm still going for it.

In this idea we're looking at the daily chart since i have some cash that i want to spend on XRP. Everything below $0.40 is very interesting in the current cycle.
The price is currently sitting right above this level at the a major supporting trend-zone that i'm observing.

Since there will be two more raises of the interest rate during june & july, i expect some bearish pressure in the whole market. We could see some moments of delight though - especially now as the market is calming down. Once everyone knows about the upcoming raises - you might consider this news to be priced in already - and therefore have no effect on the market.

BUT a cruical scenario would be a hike of 75 basis points (0.75%) instead of 50 basis points - which is what the market expects. Yesterday, Mr. Powell (FED) pointed out that they're aggressively pushing against the inflation (by mentioned rate hikes) even though the whole economy might take a strong hit from this.
Keep this scenario in your mind and be prepared by having some cash on the side for this summer.
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