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Wallet Update Released:
Update includes
* Remove gas drop required for sending NEP5 transfers
* Upgrade neon-js to 3.8.1
* Adjust default filter for history to last 7 days
* Improved UI for history if no transactions are present
* Improved history filter performance when switching to a more restrictive filter.
Aphelion is proud to announce an official collaboration with upcoming June 7th NEO ICO Safeguard. Details here: https://aphelion.org/blog/aphelion_partners_with_safeguard_token_for_upcomin.html
It's been brought to our attention that people wishing to submit more than one contribution to the Asura ICO may find the Asura option has been occulted from the drop down on the second contribution.
Please restart the wallet to refresh the drop down.
We are currently investigating this issue.
New wallet release, V1.6.0 available
Updates include:
Fix token sale bug that could cause a token sale to temporarily disappear from the drop down
Performance improvements during token fetch
Periodically fetch an updated token list
Ensure RPC calls always use Aphelion servers when checking balances (fixes occasional delay updating balances)

Forwarded from Aphelion Ian
Aphelion Ian:
Per our previous announcement Safeguard (SGT) is now fully integrated into the Aphelion wallet ICO feature in advance of their ICO kicking off tmmw making it the safest, fastest and easiest way to participate in their ICO. Aphelion wishes them a successful ICO and project.
Official ICO Announcement: As part of our continued push to make participating NEO ICOs safe, fast and easy, Aphelion is pleased to announce a collaboration with upcoming ICO Coupit.io Coupit is in presale right now with an upcoming ICO kicking off on June 16th. In advance of the ICO, the Aphelion Wallet "Join ICO" feature will include the Coupit ICO option in the dropdown. We wish Coupit a successful ICO and project.
Official: Aphelion adds further contribution to Neo Performance enhancement.
Official Aphelion Wallet Update: V 1. 7.0 Now Available
* Remove dependency on 3rd party block explorer
* Validate NEO/GAS balance on the Buy ICO page for better UX
* Refresh asset balances after successful purchase of an ICO
* Tokens that are automatically added due to the wallet detecting a balance will now continue to stay in assets once the balance later becomes 0 (due to sending all funds out from the wallet).
* Ensure token sale list is always consistent with the backend

Official announcement:
We have now added a form in the website footer here:

This allows NEO based projects to request addition of their ICO to the drop-down contribution list in the Aphelion wallet.

If there are upcoming ICO you would like to see us add please let the respective project teams know about this form.

Alternatively if community members would like to see one added please mention it in our telegram channel @apheliontoken

Official Aphelion DEX Update: For several reasons, we have decided to release our Aphelion DEX in the testnet before integrating it into the mainnet Aphelion Wallet (mobile/desktop & Android/iOS). We aim to do this by July 6th (Earth Aphelion). With community help we will work to update fixes in order to quickly integrate it into the live mainnet wallet (market recovery dependent) and finally open up p2p wallet based NEO/GAS/NEP5 trading with APH distributions. Our code will be MIT licenced for public release/review. Thank you to the community for your support and patience; we are getting very close.
Official Aphelion Mobile Wallet Update: Android and iOS will be submitted in the next 48 hours or sooner. We expect Android to be available in the Google Play Store by Tuesday. Apple is TBD...we will update the community as we get further details.
Official AMA announcement:
Live AMA with Keith Wareing and Ian Holtz the Aphelion project founder.
June 28th at 20:00 Hrs UTC +2

Please get your questions ready.
Official announcement:
Today marks the beginning of the end of high fees, latency, security breaches, locked trades/tokens and the dawn of a new era in crypto trading. Still a ton of work to do but huge hats off to the APH dev team.
Aphelion has officially landed.

Official announcement:
The NEO Council has reviewed the Aphelion Mobile Wallet code and published it on https://neo.org/client
Official DEX Announcement:
An update to the pre-release Aphelion wallet with TestNet DEX is expected to come shortly. When the contract is updated and servers are updated, the existing released version 2.0.2 will no longer function and a new update will be required to continue testing the DEX. Open orders will disappear, etc. Future upgrades to the contract should be smoother for existing users at the next iteration.
Important Announcement:
People that have the mobile wallet. If you took a screenshot of the backup screen as your backup, please check if it has the whole key. If it shows ‘...’ at the end it is showing the partial key. If you used the copy feature and pasted your key to backup you should be fine. If you used a screenshot you need to go back to the backup screen again and take a proper backup.

The mobile wallet should now show the full backup information on the screen and the key will wrap the screen if necessary to show the full key. NOTE: You do not need to reinstall the mobile wallet to be able to see the full key on the backup page now.

The private key is only stored in your phone. We are not able to access it or recover your funds if they are lost.