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What will Bitcoin be worth at the end of 2022? πŸ€”
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​​Let’s get back and look at the most important news of the past week πŸ‘€
Congratulations to the winners! πŸ‘
❗️Attention, community!❗️

Our first joint contest with our partner, AMLSafe, is over πŸ”₯

Here goes the list of winnersπŸ‘‡

1. @TankYura (TW)
2. @alphapultik (TW)
3. @ArtemGubar3 (TW)
4. @YuriNechipo (TW)
5. @esenina_anna (TW)

🎁 Each will recieve 10 USDT from AMLSafe and 10$ equivalent in GLMR/MOVR tokens from Orbiter One

πŸ‘‰ This competition was powered by AlphaLoyalty program

❗️Drop a DM to @adashvtz on TG to claim your prize ❗️

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Social networks vs #Metaverse worlds
Relational databases vs #Blockchain
CSS and Ajax vs #AI
Cookies vs #NFTs
Fiat currency vs #Cryptocurrency
Centralized vs #Decentralized

Round 1. Fight 😎

Who will win?
We are happy to announce our partnership with Galaxy Finance 🀝

Together we’ll build a multi-utility ecosystem integrated into the Web 3.0 wallet platform. In collaboration we can provide an all-in-one experience to our users πŸ‘₯

Be ready for the upcoming announcements πŸ””

Check the Galaxy Finance socialsπŸ‘‡

Follow the Galaxy Finance on:
Website | Twitter | Telegram channel | Community | Facebook | Youtube
Cryptocurrency prices can change quickly. We all know that. Firstly, this is normal for crypto. Secondly, you can always exchange cryptocurrencies with a few clicks. With AMLSafe, it's even more accessible. Try it 😎
Of course, you all know this. But we would just like to remind you how important safety is. Check your assets for free with AMLSafe πŸ›‘οΈ
Hey! How about AR?

Toady, we’re officially announcing our partnership with the ARCONA - the global AR Metaverse 🀩

The ARCONA’s token will be integrated into AMLSafe soon & you'll be able to trade it through the most secured crypto wallet.

Let’s make Digital Land not only stunningly realistic but also safe πŸ›‘οΈ
Stay ahead of the upcoming news 🀩

Check the ARCONA’S socials:
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Traditionally weekly digest πŸ‘€
​​Well, it seems that we can start summing up 2022. Let’s look at the main trends in crypto over the year.

▫️Institutional adoption of the crypto ecosystem
Giant financial gatekeepers are making it easier for consumers to transact in cryptocurrencies.

▫️DeFi powers more use cases
Almost nothing has drawn more attention in the crypto community than the advent of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications. And growth in the DeFi space is only just beginning.

▫️NFTs tokenize everything
One of the most exciting developments in the crypto space is the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).NFTs are still the mainstream in 2022. And are likely to remain a large part of the crypto landscape moving forward.

▫️Regulation is unavoidable
2022 was the year of increasing regulatory clarity in the crypto market. Crypto holders and governments have realized that safety is more important than ever. Especially after such a shock as the collapse of FTX. Many countries are accelerating the process of making legislative decisions for the safety of investors. This direction has also accelerated among private companies, increasingly basing their work on security principles.

▫️Stablecoins alter the crypto ecosystem
The most prominent stablecoins like Tether, are rapidly gaining momentum. Today market capitalization of the 10 biggest stablecoins reaches the point 152B. Moreover, approximately 40% of them are the capitalization of Tether.

Which of these trends do you think is the most important?
Happy to announce that today we launched an integration with Kommunitas Launchpad! πŸ€—

This collaboration offers the best combination of user experience and a broader range of options to benefit from users' secure wallets.

Also, this partnership will enrich the ecosystem for web3.0 projects with the ability to avoid the risk of using dirty money. Welcome to the future of the Web.3.0 world, where crypto users experience even more value in cross-sector collaboration.
Merry Christmas to all those who celebrated this bright day! 🎊

May it bring you everything that you have been dreaming of all year πŸ₯‚

Be Safe πŸ›‘οΈπŸŽ„
Today, an average cryptocurrency wallet user has to do their due diligence regarding the assets they invest in & the trading platforms they use, so they don’t risk losing their holdings.

Read the article on how to avoid troubles and make the AML check πŸ‘€
What should we expect from the crypto market in 2023? πŸ‘€
On the eve of the New Year, we announce a festive Giveaway! πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰

Together with Alpha Guilty, we have prepared a lot of gifts for you 🎁

The giveaway will last 10 days. Hurry up to claim your prize! Follow the link below πŸ‘‡
⏳ The clock is ticking for the New Year giveaway

Don't miss out on your chance to win some incredible prizes from us and Alpha Guilty!

You have just 4 days left to enter ‡️
πŸ† Winners | New Year Giveaway

We are delighted to announce the winners of our New Year Giveaway, hosted together with Alpha Guilty.

β–ͺ @little_queen23
β–ͺ @yasuto91289465
β–ͺ @Vhaelendra1
β–ͺ @mingky1199
β–ͺ @Airdrop58147125
β–ͺ @arisanjaya22
β–ͺ @pebripangaribu1
β–ͺ @Bnaga22
β–ͺ @aalyaa2202
β–ͺ @saputrarohim36

We cannot express our appreciation enough for your support and engagement, stay tuned for future giveaways and events! ‡️
β›“ We are happy to announce that we will be integrating Bitgert!

Bitgert is a a lightning-fast blockchain with over 100,000 TPS throughput and near-zero cost fees.

Allowing you to send and receive BRISE or BRC20 tokens and interact with their dApps! πŸ›‘