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Activism and organizing in service of the American nation. We stand for nationalism, identitarianism, non-interventionism, protectionism, and populism.

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Forwarded from Patrick Casey
NEW: Restoring Order - EP 19: Empire in Retreat

I'm joined by Dr. Victor Bulmer-Thomas, author of Empire in Retreat: The Past, Present, and Future of the United States. The show covers, among other things, American politics, historic and contemporary; the nature of empire, and why America qualifies as one; whether or not American imperialism is coming to an end; why the American empire is retreating, rather than declining; and the relationship between the Israel lobby and imperial ambitions.

In this time of crisis, America First patriots are needed more than ever. Globalism and incompetence caused this crisis, and only American nationalism can resolve it. Through public activism and behind the scenes networking we will work to reclaim America. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to sound the alarm to the American people and explain exactly why our nation is in this position. Help spread the word about our movement by sharing this channel with your friends. #AmericaFirst
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(Meriden, CT)
"Free enterprise and taking initiative are traditional values of the American nation but this always meant prosperous farmers, small businesses, or even big factories that breathed life into entire cities. Under globalism, corporations that span the planet are allowed to wield tremendous power in the affairs of nations."

Be sure to read the latest article on our blog, written by AIM activist Giovanni Dannato.
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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, American Identity Movement has suspended activism, meetups, and events until further notice. We first implemented these restrictions in certain chapters weeks ago but recently decided to apply them nationally. Nevertheless, AIM will be using this temporary—and hopefully brief—hiatus as an opportunity to plan, restructure, and organize so we can hit the ground running once the virus abates. After all, this pandemic, which was undeniably caused by globalism, has proven us correct about the perils of mass immigration and outsourcing. America needs nationalism now more than ever!