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Wickham Park

(Manchester, CT)
Great River Park

(East Hartford, CT)
AIM activists in New England spent the weekend cleaning up Old North Burial Ground in Middlefield, CT.
The Apple Barrel

(Middlefield, CT)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Twitter’s Claims About Identity Evropa and Fake Antifa Account Are False and Irresponsible
Forwarded from Nevada Identitarians
Thank you for coming to our Telegram channel! For now, this channel will largely serve as a backup of our activism, as well as a platform to announce our return to Twitter if we get banned.
Forwarded from Nevada Identitarians
Today, October 1, marks the 3rd anniversary of the largest shooting in American history, where 58 people were murdered and 800+ were wounded at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Before I get into the details of what we know and don’t know, I believe it’s important to commemorate the 58 lost.

Hannah Lassette Ahlers, 34
Heather Lorraine Alvarado, 35
Dorene Anderson, 49
Carrie Rae Barnette, 34
Jack Reginald Beaton, 54
Stephen Richard Berger, 44
Candice Ryan Bowers, 40
Denise Burditus, 50
Sandra Casey, 34
Andrea Lee Anna Castilla, 28
Denise Cohen, 58
Austin William Davis, 29
Thomas Day, Jr., 54
Christiana Duarte, 22
Stacee Ann Etcheber, 50
Brian S Fraser, 39
Keri Galvan, 31
Dana Leann Gardner, 52
Angela C Gomez, 20
Rocio Guillen, 40
Charleston Hartfield, 34
Christopher Hazencomb, 44
Jennifer Topaz Irvine, 42
Teresa Nicol Kimura, 38
Jessica Klymchuk, 34
Carly Anne Kreibaum, 34
Rhonda M LeRocque, 42
Victor L Link, 55
Jordan McIldoon, 24
Kelsey Breanne Meadows, 28
Calla-Marie Medig, 28
James Melton, 29
Patricia Mestas, 67
Austin Cooper Meyer, 24
Adrian Allan Murfitt, 35
Rachael Kathleen Parker, 33
Jennifer Parks, 36
Carolyn Lee Parsons, 31
Lisa Marie Patterson, 46
John Joseph Phippen, 56
Melissa V Ramirez, 26
Jordyn N Rivera, 21
Quinton Robbins, 20
Cameron Robinson, 28
Tara Ann Roe, 34
Lisa Romero-Muniz, 48
Christopher Louis Roybal, 28
Brett Schwanbeck, 61
Bailey Schweitzer, 20
Laura Anne Shipp, 50
Erick Silva, 21
Susan Smith, 53
Brennan Lee Stewart, 30
Derrick Dean Taylor, 56
Neysa C Tonks,46
Michelle Vo,32
Kurt Allen Von Tillow,55
William W Wolfe, Jr.,42

“Let light shine out of darkness.” (2 Cor 4:6)

Despite all of the loss, the tragedy brought out the best in the community; it showed the potential of what our society could be like. Seeing the entire valley in those following weeks unite together in support of each other was heartwarming in the darkest hours. I saw people bring U-haul trucks and pick-ups completely filled with water and food to hospitals for the staff and families, thousands lined up and waiting for hours in the desert sun to donate blood, donations poured in, and a community healing garden was built in 3 days.
We will probably never find out all the details of what exactly happened and why, but it’s worth reminding people that something did happen three years ago today, and we will never forget.
Building Upon Our Success: The Disbanding of AIM

American Identity Movement (AIM) was founded in March 2019 to promote five principles: Nationalism, Identitarianism, Protectionism, Non-Interventionism, and Populism. Since then, our message has reached millions of Americans. AIM activists have engaged in community cleanups, organized food drives, peacefully disrupted numerous left-wing events, held dozens of flash demonstrations, placed thousands of flyers across the country, hosted conferences and speaking engagements, and facilitated networking between countless political dissidents.

After much thought and discussion, however, we have determined that American Identity Movement has reached the limit of what a dissident membership organization can realistically achieve in these turbulent, repressive times. As such, AIM is hereby disbanded.

Read our statement here: